Why do narcissists want your attention then ignore you when they get it?


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Because that's all they wanted in the first place - your attention. They will ignore you untill they want some more.

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Yes, because their life is all that is important to them. It's their needs first and foremost over everyone else. They want all your attention to their own problems, concerns and achievements but they will completely ignore yours.

I think that most people don't like being ignored - it is not a nice feeling. Narcissists, especially, receive a narc injury if you ignore them. They start to fill up with rage and then will ignore back. Also, within a few minutes they can switch and try and get your attention somehow (this is supply for them) and carry on like nothing has happened. THEY ARE WEIRD CREATURES!

Ignore him/her. Most likely they want attention and when you ignore them they will move on. Do not say anything or respond in any form to what they do.

Sometimes. Narcissists want to be waited on and catered too. Run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To not pay attention to.

Yes. They "keep coming back" like a pesky gnat.

They bully because they want your attention they want to get you angry to make you do something very stupid or dumb so the best thing to do is just ignore them because if you ignore them they get bored bullying you too much.

Narcissists can change if they want to, and if they are willing to put in the effort. They will likely need therapy to help them to do this.

To ignore people means to pay them no attention, so by not talking with them and avoiding them, you are paying them no attention.

he doesn't want to draw attention to the fact that he likes you. Guys like hiding their love emotions.

He could be trying to get her attention because it's something he isn't getting. He could like her, he could just be trying to get a reaction..

There are a few ways narcissists react and deal with people who are rude or sarcastic. Sometimes they ignore the person, other times they react just as rudely or with sarcasm.

Depending on the usage of the word "ignore"Pay attention toAcknowledgeObey

No that's the worse thing you can do. Dont ignore him but try to get his attention flirt with him and let him now your flirting

They love attention. Even negative attention. Baiting you for conflict makes them feel powerful. Never take the bait and get away from them completely ASAP.

She will become interested in why you ignored her. You will get her attention.

Immature boys do this to get your attention. Ignore them.

Well why would you want to ignore him?

First off you have to show you are interested in her. Then drop all attention to her and basically ignore her forcing her to make the initial contact or talk to you first. Girls always want to be the center of attention wether they will admit it or not. so as soon as they are not they will do whatever they can to change it.

I think they are more likely to, but if their wives shower them with the loads and loads of attention they need, then they won't.

Very...its part of their nature. Due to "competitors" that they perceive as threats for attention, social status, etc.

You are now a friend. He has a girlfriend now who gets the attention.

Absolutely not REMEMBER THIS?... Its all about them! Don't forget it again. It's probably a ploy to try and drag you back. Narcissists crave attention, and will go to any lengths to get it, so just ignoring them might not work. The best thing I can think of to do is respond politely, but be impersonal. Show the narcissist that you are no longer interested, and will never be interested. The narcissist should eventually get bored and go to someone else for attention. If this doesn't work, then completely ignore them.

a very difficult question but it is not necessary to pay attention to all, specially in that case when you have no concern to him or to ignore him pay attention to those which are best rather than nice.

Girls do not like it when you dismiss their opinions, ignore them, or when you are rude to them. They also tend to personal likes and dislikes that you should pat attention to if you are in a relationship with them.

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