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It is generally believed that the reason a nurses uniform is white, is because it represents cleanliness and purity. Most places today have done away with white uniforms and use scrubs in different colors.

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Why do the order of the eastern stars wear white uniforms?

White symbolizes purity- and all colors coming into one. consider the uniforms of Nurses.

What is the colour of the UK nursing uniform?

There is no standard color for nurse uniforms in the United Kingdom.Typically the senior nurses wear navy blue, the staff nurses wear a lighter blue and student nurses wear white.

What type of uniforms do nurses have to wear?


Why do nurses have to wear uniforms?

I think it's because of bacteria

Did the lakers ever wear white uniforms?

yes, they wear uniforms every sunday at home games. sometimes they wear their regular uniforms away.

What did nurses in World War I wear?

i need a picture of a nurses uniform from Canada from ww1 Nurses in World War 1 wore nurses uniforms. See the link - I Warner

What type of clothing does a nicu nurse wear?

It depends on the hopital. NIC-U nurses usually wear colorful uniforms.

Were the people in the movie pearl harbor wearing white uniforms?

the military guys and the nurses were the ones who wore white.

What is a popular definition for 'scubs'?

Scrubs are the uniform that doctors and nurses wear in a hospital. These nursing uniforms can be purchased from the company Scrubs and Beyond or Lydia's Uniforms.

Can you wear ribbons on Navy dress white uniforms?

Yes. The Working, Service and Dinner Dress White uniforms are supposed to have ribbons on them.

Why do nurses wear aprons?

The uniform of a professional nurse varies by country. Not all nurse uniforms include an apron.

Why don't nurses wear white anymore?

They dont want to

What do football players wear under uniforms in the winter?

They don't wear under uniforms but some wear white or team color sweatshirts or a nylon-type of long sleeves.

What did nurses wear during world war 1?

They wore tampons They would have a hard job...tampons were not invented then !! Idiotic answer and not worthy of the nurses who risked their lives......Uniforms of course

Why do nurses wear uniforms?

For several reasons: 1. Identification. Patients need to know who the person is walking into their room and messing with their stuff- you wouldn't want some random person coming in and impersonating a nurse! (Note: Nurses wear name tags, too. Some hospitals have different levels of nurses wear different color uniforms, so that patients know who to ask for what.) 2. Hygiene. Nurses wear their uniforms on the job and wash them as soon as they get home. Scrubs are very basic and easily cleaned, which helps the health of patient and the hospital staff. 3. Respect. People need to respect the training that the nurses have, and wearing a uniform seperates them from the general public in the hospital. Hope that answers your question!

What Type of schools where students wear white uniforms?

karate schools

What is an example of plural possessive of nurses'?

The nurses' uniforms were washed by the laundry service.

What color socks do the Cardinals baseball team wear?

The socks that the St. Louis Cardinals wear are red with red, white, and blue stripes. The team's home uniforms are white and its away uniforms are cream-colored.

What color uniforms do the New York Yankees wear?

At home their uniforms are white with navy blue pinstriping. On the road their uniforms are gray with navy blue lettering.

Are medical assistants are required to wear white uniforms?

No medical personnel are required to wear white by law. In many facilities it was traditional, but not law.

What color uniforms did the french and Americans wear in the battle of Yorktown?

white coats

Did the Pittsburgh Steelers wear their white uniforms for Super Bowl XLV?


What is the peacekeepers appearance in the hunger gamees?

The Peacekeepers all wear white uniforms.

What color jerseys did the Pittsburgh Steelers wear in Super Bowl XLIII?

The Steelers wore their white uniforms. The Arizona Cardinals were designated the home team for Super Bowl XLIII. They chose to wear their red uniforms. That forced the Steelers to wear their white jerseys.

Where can you find uniforms for nurses?

There are many places where one can get uniforms for nurses. Sometimes your place of work will have a company that they want you to buy the uniforms through. However, if one has more options, then they can look at a variety of stores. Some stores where one can find uniforms are: Tafford Uniforms, My Nursing Uniforms, and Scrubs Magazine.