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Not all old people smell. Many old people who DO smell, however, get the smell from medications they have to take, or the old (yucky smelling) combo of Ben-gay and baby-powder. It can also come from decaying teeth, not taking baths regularly (because they can't do it on their own), not washing their clothes, and not cleaning their possessions. Another reason why old people smell is because they don't eat enough fresh food. When you only eat cooked food, toxins build up in your body, are secreted through sweat, and then emit a foul odor. The same effect could be caused by not exercising enough, because exercise helps eliminate toxins, that are then washed off in a shower. It could also be caused by moth balls, but moth balls aren't as prominent as they used to be. Many Grandpa's I know smell like old spice shaving lotion, good quality pipe tobacco, and cinnamon tooth paste. Gandma's smell of sunlight soap, lilacs or lily of the valley purfume and fresh baked bread. And when you need someone to comfort you, they are the smells of safety. Your question generalizes and is totally unfair.

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Q: Why do old people smell?
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