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so their young owl doesn't get a cold and be sick in winter

this is a far better answer that the top. the far better answer is by brainy pants.

Because they have morE pray to eat

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Why do you think owls rear their young in the summer?

I think owls rear their young in the summer so their babies don't get sick and cold and die.

Why do owls rear their young in the summer?

They camp down long A sometimes pit and some times in lower b

When do young burrowing owls moult into their adult plumage?

Young burrowing owls moult into their adult plumage in their first summer.

Where do owls have babies?

Owls do not have "babies". Owls lay eggs which hatch into owlets (or owl chicks). The lay their eggs and rear their young in nests.

How do barn owls care for their young?

Barn owls care for there young by going in and out of the nest carrying food for the young when the young barn owls screech for food.

What is the advantage for birds and other animals to rear as many young as they can in the summer?

Food is more available during the summer.

Where do owls live during summer?

In summer, the owls live in the holes of trees or mainly just their nests. Owls only come out at night-time.

How do owls feed their young?

owls leave their young in the nest and go out hunting , when they get back they will feed their young

Where would you find burrowing owls during the summer?

You would find burring owls in the summer in the state Florida gscardin. : )

What are baby owls called?

Owlet.Young owls are called owlets.

How do owls protect their baby owls?

By fight the pretiters that try to eat their young

What are young owls called?

All species of baby Owls are called owlets The young of an owl is called an owlet.owlet, fledgling

What are barred baby owls called?

Young owls are called 'owlets'.

Where do burrowing owls live in the summer?

On Canada's Flag

Where would you find burrowing owls in the summer?


Where would find owls living in the summer?

in barns

Where do snowy owls go for the summer Alberta?


Why do young Barn owls need feathers?

Young barn owls need feathers to keep them warm and for flight once strong enough.

Group of baby owls is called what?

Young owls are called owlets whether they are in a group or not. A group of adult owls is called a parliament.

What are Barn Owls called when young?


What do owls feed to their young?

Taco Bell.

Is the owls young helpless when they are a baby?

yes they are

Where do burrowing owls live during the summer?

They live in my face??

You would find these owls living where in the summer?

virgin =ia

What are the natural predators of owls?

Answer Other than humans being their enemy it's other large owls that are the predators of small owls. Answer Eagles are also known to prey on young owls.

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