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because you have fat thighs

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Q: Why do pants or shorts ride the inner thighs?
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Why do boxer shorts ride?

They ride because girls like it when it is above their pants. It makes the men feel cooler, and makes the women impressed (for some odd reason).

Can you be around horses in shorts?

Yes you can be around horses in shorts but it isn't a good idea to ride in shorts.

What are the release dates for No Pants Subway Ride 2013 - 2013?

No Pants Subway Ride 2013 - 2013 was released on: USA: 14 January 2013

Can bike riding make your thighs big?

a bike ride exercises your quadraceps and so yes it will build up muscle on your thighs, making them bigger

What muscles help you ride a horse?

thighs and calfs... and arm strength for the reigning and chores

How to Buy Men's Shorts?

Men’s shorts are a little easier to buy than men’s pants, because inseam and height don’t come into play. The main determining factor for getting the proper size in a man’s short is to buy the appropriate waist size. Waist size is measured by keeping the tape measure somewhat loose or by putting your finger between the tape measure and your body and then measuring around the area where you normally wear your pants. This area should be the smallest part of the natural waist. For men, pants sizes are equal to their waist sizes. Height doesn’t come into play when buying men’s shorts, but there are options in terms of length and flare. - Board shorts used to refer to men’s swim trunks which have an elastic waistband, but now they are used to reflect a certain length of the shorts and have a rigid waistband. However, the fly on the pants is usually Velcro instead of a zipper. Board shorts are longer than regular shorts, usually hitting somewhere below the knee. - Hiking shorts are made out of a heavier cotton material and feature cargo pockets large enough for you to carry important things you need while hiking. Hiking shorts are shorter than regular shorts, ending somewhere above the knee. - Cargo shorts are usually made out of nylon and are good for travel, because they dry quickly, are lightweight and don’t wrinkle badly. Cargo shorts are longer than regular shorts, also hitting below the knee. - Walking shorts are longer than regular shorts, usually going down to just above the knee, and are available in many different materials and weights. One of the big factors men consider when buying shorts is the length of the zipper. Shorts with shorter zippers ride differently than shorts with longer zippers. The shorter the zipper, the sorter the stride, which means that the pants are going to ride higher than shorts with longer zippers. Tall men need to look for shorts (and pants) with longer zippers; at least 9” long for a more comfortable stride and fit.

Is there a way you can make your thighs and hips bigger?

walk on the treadmill with an incline ride bikes with resistance

What is the difference between ride snowboard pants standard fit vs slim fit boot cut?

I am not an expert on snowboarding, but today I tried on a slim fit boot cut pants and they weren't the most comfortable pants. They aren't meant for girls with bigger thighs because I felt like I was wearing jeans! The standard fit are more comfortable and I personally feel more mobile in them when I do snowboard.

What are long pants?

Long Pants are jean's mom told me when I was packing for camp list said "Pack long pants must be worn to ride horses)" (:

Can you ride a minibike up the street?

yes but you will poop ur pants

What do you wear when you ride a horse?

helmet gloves boots long pants sunglasses

Your inner tights are very big If you start running and skipping will it help or will they grow bigger?

If you run or start skipping, your thighs will get bigger... but just for a week or 2... after they become non swollen, they'll start to shrink and get toned. just ride it out... it'll pay off in the end

What are slider shorts used for?

In baseball? Theyvgive more padding and don't allow underwear to ride up

Why do men wear pants?

Because we can't wear skirts To ride animals, such as horses and camels

Why do you wear jodphurs?

So the pants dont ride up your ankles and give you a MAJOR wedgie

Is the Hollywood rip ride rocket scary?

It's pretty scary,my family and I wet our pants on there

What does it mean if your shorts give you a wedgie?

They are too small or too tight. If they fit right they don't ride up.

What is camel toe on a girl?

When a woman wears tight pants, the pants will ride tight against her crotch. Because a woman has a vagina, the vaginal lips protrude against the pants. The crotch of the pants then form a u shape, similar to the shape of a camel's toe.

How do you keep cycling shorts clean without washing them at a high temperature?

You wash them frequently instead, preferably after each ride.

How can wasps get in your house?

They wait in the bushes until you come home- then they ride in on your pant legs- you should start wearing shorts.

How do you get smaller thighs?

EXcesise and get in a diet! That should work! Run,jog,do lunges, and ride a bike!...But remember, God only cares about the inside, not the outside. :)

Why do you need to were pants when you go horse back riding?

other wise your bum will burn lol ---- to keep the stirrup leathers from pinching your skin. pants allow for a more comfortable ride.

Will a twisted inner tube affect your bike?

It can make your tire unevenly filled, which will give you a bumpy ride.

How are yoga pants different from regular aerobic pants?

As far as I can tell, there is little to no difference in yoga pants and regular aerobic pants. Both need to have four way stretch so they do not ride up or down during movement.The material needs to breath so the sweat is easily dispersed.

Can a horse give there owner excersise?

yes, if you ride your horse your thighs get a work out by going up and down, that is why you sometimes get hot while doing horse excersise.