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Why do penises shrink when it is cold?

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Normal Reaction Of The Body To Conserve Heat. Goose Bumps Raise On The Body To Keep The Surounding Air As A Shield Against The Cold. Shivers Are A Result Of The Muscles Moving To Keep Generating Heat To Warm The Body.

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Does mountain dew shrink males penises?

No, not unless it has had oral steroids added to it. Only steroids will shrink male genitalia. Oh, and the application of cold liquid.

How do you shrink a penis?

get it cold and it will shrink back.

Can any medication make your penis shrink?

No it cant. But if there is a HUGE problem than surgery is an option... No they don't make surgery to shrink penises.

Do penises and or testes shrink if men abstain from sex for several years?

If you have no friends. then yes

Do penises shrink?

Yes, in fact when swimming in cold water a penis will almost appear to have gone into hiding. but sometimes if you take care of it like give it food and water and love it will always be hanging about :D

Does metal shrink when cold?


How cold does it have to be for a glacier to shrink?

It doesn't shrink, it melts. But when it is too hot, and no cold comes back. It melts.. just like ice.

Do your nipples shrink in the cold?

They don't really shrink. The skin is very elastic, but when it's cold, it contracts in order to preserve heat.

Do penises shrink as men age?

The penis does begin to shrink as a man gets older. This is the result of a reduction in blood flow to the area because of an accumulation of fat cells in the blood vessels of the penis.

Why do solids shrink as they are cooled?

Solids shrink when they are cold because the atoms are frozen close together.

How to shrink silicon back case?

You can shrink your silicon bag by washing it off in cold water.

What causes to make your penis shrink?

cold water Steriods mountaindewPenis can shrink due to many causes such as from medication and from sitting in cold water.

Does satin shrink if you wash it?

Satin wont shrink if you wash it in cold water. It will, however, shrink if you wash it in warm or hot water about 10% to 20%.

What brand of baby clothes wont shrink?

They all shrink. You need to wash the baby clothes in cold water and hang dry them if your scared they will shrink.

What special features do krill have?

they can shrink in cold climates

Why does cold air shrink balls?

to Obtain Heat

How do you shrink clothes in the washing machine?

cold water

Does cold water shrink clothes?

Warm and hot water is known for shrinking clothes at times, especially wool or cotton clothing. Cold water will not shrink clothing.

Why does gasoline shrink in cold weather?

Most materials shrink in cold weather and expand in hot weather because the molecules slow down when cold The most notable exception, of course, is water, which expands as it freezes.

Is a emperor penguin warm or cold blooded?

Cold because they like penises! Definetly Wrong , Only Reptilese Cold Blooded and Penquins are not cold Blooded they are warm Blooded

Does linen shrink?

Yes it can shrink. You should hand wash or use gentle cycle with cold water and air dry.

Do particles shrink when matter is cooled?

particles dont shrink but they do come closer together when they are cold as when they are heated they spread apart

How do evergreen pine trees survive in cold climates?

they shrink.

Why are telephone line installed slightly sagged?

Because in the cold, they shrink. If they are'nt sagged, they will snap in the cold.

Why would a basketball shrink half its size in cold weather while in a trunk?

Cold air is dense.