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Why do people abuse child's?

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Sometimes because they were abused, sometimes because they are unhappy with something in their lives. Others enjoy inflicting pain on others. Either way it is not the child who has the problem it is usually the abuser that really needs professional help.

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Is it child abuse to put soap in a childs mouth?

If you question it; yes.

What is something to put in a child abuse essay?

How it messes with the Childs mental state. Probrably one of the worst results from abuse.

Is it child abuse if you pierce a 12 year old childs lip?

I don't think it is unless your forcing them too. If they want it done then its not abuse.

How will child abuse effect the child's future?

the abuse that a child is put thru will always be in a childs heart n memories and they may never trust again

What is the research of child abuse?

as far as research to child abuse, counselling is done to find the mental effects abuse has to a childs future. and analyzing different cases of abuse is done to adjust criminal charges to ensure every form of abuse is punishable by the law.

What is a fracture seen in children and can be associated with child abuse?

a spiral fracture is usually indicitive of child abuse as it involves twisting the childs arm in order to cause the break

Why shoyuldn't you abuse your child?

because it ruins the childs life and tramatizes them for life and most of the time it kills the kid. Its bad for the parent to abuse the child because the parent always gets coaht and

What does the Federal Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act require health care providers to do if they suspect child abuse?

document the childs injuries in the medical record so further incidents can be evaluated

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