Why do people act like they are wicca when they are really Roman Catholic?

Its stupid they shouldn't act like they are wiccan when they are still baptsied as catholic. They are probably just trying to make them selves look better then everyone else when in fact they are equal as us,and it doesnt make someone better or it doesnt make them special either, cause they think they are. It isn't making them look good by being a wiccan either, it actually scares people off.It is ridiculous and a way of bringing attention to you!

You know, not all people who go to church want to. There are many a pagan or witch who go to church to keep the peace in their own households. Or they go to church because they like the community. It isn't anything malicious. Just because you are Wiccan doesnt mean you have to stop going to church.

Granted, there are people who do pretend to be something because they think it is cool. It happens in every generations. About 5 or so years ago, being bisexual was considered hip and cool and dangerous. In the 1920's, flappers were cool. (Flappers were the women who wore knee high dresses and skirts instead of the traditional ankle cut dresses and skirts.) Every generation needs people like this. It helps the general populous accept things they otherwise wouldn't.