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Because the world is filled with morons, like people who write long, long questions.

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โˆ™ 2008-12-14 04:09:21
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Q: Why do people ask questions that are so simple that they could mean anything They are too vague and they can be answered so many ways that it's a tiny chance they'll get the answer want?
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Why aren't your questions answered?

There are lots and lots of questions (8,000,000+) that have to be answered and there is a less amount of people that answer.

Is there a single list of all the answered questions?

There are millions of answered questions. It is impossible to list them, because people answer questions daily.

Why was some of the questions asked not answered?

They aren't answered because people had not answered them yet!

Are there more answered questions than unanswered questions?

No, there are never more answered questions than unanswered questions. There are way more people asking questions than there are answering them.

Can you believe anything on this website?

well you can believe most stuff on it because some clever people will have answered some of the questions but some of them people just mess around and do anything but you can believe some of them

Why don't any of your questions get answered?

But my questions DO get answered! ;-) Maybe your questions are not clear enough? People might not find your questions so categorize them wisely. People might not see your question or they might not know the answer...who knows?

When will all your questions be answered?

never! people always asks questions everyday!

Why don't you have all the questions answered?

Because people ask questions everyday!

Why does WikiAnswers say it can answer anything when it can't because it is?

This is because only people answer questions and it is likely a lot of questions are not relevant to the readers, therefore not being answered. (btw, bad question grammar.)

Why does your questions never get anwsered?

people are asking so many questions , but all questions are not felt worthy to be answered. people answer those questions which they knew the answer. also they left irrelevant question unanswered Since this is YOUR FIRST question, you have no other questions to be answered..

How do you know all these questions?

First of all, most of the questions answered on here are answered by other people. Second of all, answering these questions are simple: just search unanswered questions and then answer them.

Why was Answers created?

So people can have their questions answered.

What do you do when you can't get questions answered?

There are a lot of questions on this site, and many questions that are answered everyday. It takes some time for us to get questions that our expertise allows us to get to. People need to have patience to have their question answered on this website because there is a lot of questions that need to be taken care of.

Why are none of the questions people ask ever answered?

they are never answered because this website is stupid

What are the unanswered questions on answers com?

The unanswered questions on are questions that people want other people to answer. This was an unanswered question until I answered it.

Why do people ask questions and get no results?

Well, some questions are rhetorical in that they do not need to be answered. Then there are questions that answer themselves. Take the question "Why do people ask questions and get no results?". If no response is given then it answers itself. If a response is given then it negates itself because it was answered.

Why are you reading this question?

WikiAnswers is a Q&A website. This means that people ask questions, then anyone can read the question and answer it. You probably asked this question as a joke, however the site is designed to show people different questions they can read and learn things about, and to give them a chance to answer the questions they read. I don't know nobody has answered one of my questions.

Is the person who answers these questions a Christian?

Well, these questions are not answered by a single person; they are answered by many different people all over the world. With that being said, it cannot be determined whether the people who answer the questions on WikiAnswers are Christian or not.

Why do have this website?

People have this website because people like you need to get their questions answered

Why don't you get answers to some of your questions even simple ones?

This site is a wiki, which means that the questions and answers are written by people... any people at all. More people come to this site and ask questions than come to answer questions... because of that, there is going to be an imbalance between the number of questions that get asked, and the number of questions that get answered. A lot more questions get asked than get answered. Now, of course, we try to fix that through merging questions that are just being asked in a sightly different way, and many people answer a lot more questions than they ask. However, it still isn't going to balance out. Some questions aren't going to get answered. Now of course, more questions get answered that are written well and that are easy to understand... but if you are already doing that, maybe try writing during the day in the US when more people are on, so more people will have a chance to see your question? Try posting it on Facebook? Or, you could jump in and start answering some questions that you know or could look up. Maybe if more people do that, then more questions will get answers.

Why have these questions not yet been answered?

because people are to lazy to answer them

Why do you not answer the questions that us people ask you?

Questions are answered. Some take longer than others.

Why does nobody answer the questions on here?

You see, people don't know everything. Maybe your questions will be answered, or not.

Why does not have an answer for your question?

Questions are answered through people like me and you not all questions are Answerable. We try to answer them.

Is SantaBotcom safe?

SantaBot is an artificial intelligence chat bot. I went and answered some basic questions, and it was fine. It only learns what people tell it, and there is a chance it has some filters.