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People will associate anything with anything, not just music. The mind just connects things.

Music is highly emotional. In the West, music is divided in major and minor keys. Musical expression of the minor third is the one which seems to connect with the human emotion of sadness the most strongly. Major key music conveys a happier, positive emotion.

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What type of music do most people associate with flappers?


Scholars associate the interpolation of tropes within liturgical music with the?

Scholars associate the interpolation of tropes with the beginning of polyphonic music.

Meaning of tribal music?

Tribal music is music that is specific toward a certain group or tribe of people.

Where can you find sadness and sorrow sheet music for piano?

You cannot find the sheet music online for Sadness and Sorrow.

What is the background of gospel music?

Gospel Music is usually about Sadness or Freedom or some other bollocks

Is there a certain person to send recorded music to?

I want to send music to particular people

Why is there a need to have music?

Because certain types of music calm people down and suesths them.

Is music a unifying concept?

I believe it is, there has been many cases where certain songs or certain pieces of music have been able to unify people.

Why do people listen to a certain type of music?

because there are emo's in the world.

How does music affect emotions?

Music can affect your emotions by like if the music is upbeat then it makes u happy if its slow ur in the mood of love or sadness

Factors that influenced the music of japan?

Factors that influence the music in Japan are the people. It is mainly the demand for certain music that makes it be produced more.

Why do you like certain types of music?

Because we some people are different and like certain types of music. Also because you just dont like country or hip hop do you

What are the 10 words can associate the word culture?

Language, music, country, people, food, sport, dance, literature, history and art.

Is Beethoven's music usually happy or sad?

music has no sadness and happiness it is the meaning of the song that fills it up and why this song is sung by that someone

How does a certain type of music affect a person's ability to concentrate?

It helps people block out other noises and focus more on what their doing therefore music helps people concentrate then without music.

Why is music used in ads?

Music is used in ads for multiple reasons. One reason is that the makers of the product or service want you to associate a certain song (say, a popular one) with their product, or they might want you to associate the feelings (such as happiness, positivity, nostalgia) that the song invokes with what they are selling and hope that you will buy the product or service based on how the song makes you feel.

Do you enjoy listening to music?

Yes I do because I can be relaxing or exciting. Many people do like music and heaps of people love different things. Some people don't like music at all and I didn't until a certain age.

What can i write about Tupac Shakur's music?

i think i can write about,sadness,gangs,violence,etc...!

What can you do with a minor in music?

You use minor keys to convey sadness, sorrow, pain and like emotions.

What are five ways people communicate in the modern day?

People can communicate in writing (sending letters, or notes, or texts and e-mails). They can communicate by telephone. They can communicate through giving a speech or a presentation. They can communicate through music (many songs express certain emotions, like love or hope or sadness or desire). And they can communicate by using the mass media-- radio, television, movies, the internet, recorded music, books, magazines, and newspapers.

Which classical music piece is about sadness?

Sadness is a state of mind that everyone have a unique feeling about. Joyous music can make some people sad, somber music may lift the spirit of others. Therefore a question like this may raise answers that are ambiguous, seemingly unreasonable and so on. Many people find the second movement of the "Moonlight Sonata" by Beethoven to be a sad piece. Mahler's adagietto from his fifth symphony may also be percieved as such, though it was written as a love testament by Mahler to his wife. See paragraph above.

Why do certain songs make people cry?

Certain songs make people cry because music these days is terrible... also down - jay sean. gets me everytime.

How does the music industry affect community life?

seeing as music is diverse it splits people into separate groups of people. certain groups may dislike other groups music and therefore creates cults in music ie metalheads chavs punks goths emos et cetera seeing as music is diverse it splits people into separate groups of people. certain groups may dislike other groups music and therefore creates cults in music ie metalheads chavs punks goths emos et cetera

Wwe tribute music?

Mostly for people who want a certain wrestler back. or for a lost wrestler.

What are people's opinions of rock music?

I personally love rock music. It allows individuals to express themselve, whether through anger or any emotion. Most people associate rock music with anger and madness, but it is really an expression of any emotion.

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