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Usually stuck-up people don't look anyone in the eye or make polite conversations with anybdy. Shy people don't talk a lot,so these two groups of people are often confused with each other.

i think because of what the world says is snobby. maybe you just don't like to talk and you have brains. people get that confused as being snobby becase for onr you keep to yourself and people who are snobby usually keep to themselves unless they find someone who is just like them. and when people are smart.. sometimes people tend to think that they are better than someoneelse. and they don't know how to separate those two, so they usually synthesize (combine) them together.

2011-09-13 13:41:18
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How do you act snobby?

You can act snobby by rolling your eyes or scoffing at people. Mainly just act like you're better than every one, that should do it

What was French society like in the mid 1600s?

The French thought of themselves as being better than everyone else in the 1600's. The population had a hard time recovering from the plague and the French people did their best to be polite, to the point of being snobby.

What does snobby mean?

The word snobby basically is used to describe some one that is stuck-up. If someone is snobby they dont care about anyone else and think that they are better than everyone. I know someone that is snobby, Emily Rogers, she claims herself rich which i belive coz she is the most snobbyest stuck up *&#ch in the whole word yes a big one ask her your self if you dont belive me but she would only say, "oh shut up all i care about is me and i always will!"

What is the film mean girls about?

it's about a pear of snobby girls who want everything and everyone to like them

What are stereotypes for people who are rich?

People who are rich are snobby because they are spoiled.

Are Spaniards snobs?

Not usually, but some Spaniards are snobby just like some Americans, Britons, and other people are snobby. Most Spaniards are honest, straightforward, and expressive people.

A other word for snobby?

a other word for snobby?

What were the people like in jamestown?

The people of the Jamestown Colony were more likely snobby and not knowing of the area.

Do boys like girly girls or tomboys?

it depends on the boy. I would assume that most boys like tomboys because they don't act snobby or above them.

What do English people refer to french people as?

most american's people refer to french people as snobby and rich they think their all that.

What is worse that snobby private school boys?

ugly snobby private school boys

What are the major industries in Texas-?

Texas sucks. But they are known for their oil fields. And snobby people.

What were Titanic first class people like?

Some were rich and snobby but some were very nice and helped people.

What is the stereotype for cheerleaders?

everyone thinx that cheerleaders are stuck-up snobby rich kids. BUt we're NAWT!! I admit some are, but a lot of us aren't

Was Marilyn Monroe snobby?

No, She was very kind and generous. Many of her close Friends were fans converted to Friends. She loved everyone, hence her wanting Children.

Why do fat kids get picked on by popular girls?

Because theyre snobby little sluts that dont have anything better to do with their life

What are synonyms of snobby?


Is Kristen Stewart snobby?

She is very snobby and rather rude to Robert at times. Plus, what is with her hair, it looks horrible!

Is it true that The people in the Resort Area in Pokemon Diamond are snobby?

That is not always true it depends on the character you are refering to.

In South Park why did the goth kids send him to Scottsdale?

The goth kids think it is the "most horrible and miserable place on Earth." Scottsdale is in Arizona and most of the people are very rich and so many people say that Scottsdale people are very snobby and rude. So Goths and sun and snobby people just don't mix well.

Is Airmen Ross a snobby Bisexual?

LOL This is funny but I can see it. She is real snobby and as for bisexual...IDK but it's very possible.

What are stereotypes for people from California?

I was told snobby. Usually the 'cooler' people in California, are the ones who moved from another state sometime within their life.

What is the good thing about ugly girls?

Well, most "Ugly" girls have a big heart. "Pretty" girls are mostly snobby, but "ugly" girls have nothing to be snobby about. Remember, it doesn't matter what's on the outside that makes a girl ugly or pretty, it's the inside that matters. So, if you want better friends, 'uglier' girls might be better in my opinion.

What is a vain person?

A vain person is a person who cares to much about her/himself. They are normally associated with snobby, stuckup people.

Another word for snob?