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People can become aggressive when they don't get what they want, someone starts a fight. think, what is something that could make you aggressive?

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Were the Sioux Indians aggressive people?

The Sioux Indians were not aggressive people. They were very peaceful. However, when someone came into their territory, they did become defendant of the land.

How does puberty affect you socially?

Some people become very aggressive. While some become isolated. Some become socially awkward.

Are pet marmoset monkeys aggressive?

yes they can become aggressive when they are around there owner they become overly protective.

Why are drunk girls so aggressive?

Well it is not only drunk girls that become aggressive, but the reason they do is that alcohol numbs the senses, reducing the ability to think straight. Most people do not get aggressive when they have not been drinking, so because alcohol reduces the feeling of anxiety people are not afraid to become confrontational, and a fight can start just from a stupid comment.

Can your dog become aggressive if it is going blind?

Yes it can but it is not nesscialary aggressive it mostly fear.

Which breed of cockatiel becomes aggressive?

Cockatiels do not become aggressive unless they are treated badly.

At what age does a jack dempsey fish become aggressive?

They are aggressive at hatching and stay that way for their whole lives. They are VERY AGGRESSIVE when they are breeding.

Why do domestic animals cats and dogs attack certain people?

There could be several reasons. *Some animals are aggressive toward males or females specifically. *An animal will (sometimes) become aggressive toward people that have hurt them or people that they feel will hurt their owners. Animals can become defensive when they feel threatened. *Animals can be territorial. *Some people train their animals to attack certain people or types of people.

Are shiba inus aggressive?

They are not aggressive towards people or stranger, but they can be aggressive toward other dogs.

Why do children with autism scream or become aggressive?

Autistic children (not children with autism) can scream or become aggressive when they are upset or during a meltdown. A meltdown is an uncontrollable emotional outburst as a response from the brain to stress or over-stimulation - meltdowns are very uncomfortable for Autistic people.

Why do chickens get aggressive?

Roosters get aggressive when the reach puberty. They become mean and will attack. Hens rarely become mean. If raised correctly they will probably never attack

Are blue racer snakes aggressive?

I believe they can be. I was chased by one on my bike once and yes it did "chase" me. I was probably between it and it's babies or something. I doubt they search out people to attack but if aggravated they will become aggressive.

What is passive aggressive?

A passive aggressive response is a communicative response which can obstruct an interpersonal relationship. It is often sarcastic and inward feeling leading to the receiver trying to reexplain their thoughts or becoming aggressive, passive or assertive. Often a person can become passive aggressive in their personality trait. It should be noted however that all people can reply in a passive aggressive nature even if it is not their nature.

Are Collie dogs aggressive dogs?

no dog is aggressive unless you make it aggressive. :-\ if you mean a border collie then it will only become aggressive if it is bored. if you are planning on getting a border collie make sure you have stuff to entertain it with.

Can a horse that is gentle with humans be aggressive with other creatures?

Horses are often aggressive towards dogs and can be aggressive to other livestock. Generally, mares with foals will tend to be more protective and can become aggressive if they feel their foal is in danger.

What happens when a sick puma gets angry?

They will become aggressive.

Why do people choose to be aggressive?

There are many reasons people are aggressive. Some grow up with parents who are aggressive and their behavior mimics what they grew up with. Others have a lot of anger. Still others feel more powerful and in control when they are aggressive.

Runescape what are the always aggressive monsters that are never non-tolerant?

For Free-to-play, there is none. All monsters are either aggressive till a player reaches a certain combat level, after which they become non aggressive, or aggressive until a certain time, after which they become tolerant unless the player leaves the area. For members, the only monsters which will remain aggressive are the Bandits in Kharidian Desert Bandit Camp. They become aggressive when a player shows up wearing any kind of Saradomin or Zamorak equipment and will remain aggressive so long as the player keeps the piece(s) of equipment on.

What are the consequnces for dog fighting?

That the dog's could both either die or both become very aggressive and due to aggressive behaviour, could be put down as it may become aggressive to humans. Really isn't a bright idea and is illegal in some countries.

How can you become a more aggressive female fighter in karate?

To become a more aggressive fighter in Karate you should fight mainly boys and trust me you might cry but it's all part of the training to become a more aggressive fighter. You should take it easy at first spar a boy who's a beginer or does not fight that good then go to better, and better fihghters and sooner or later you'll become pretty aggressive. If you to have an aggressive look to your abs do about 200 push up's a day and after a month or 3 weeks you'll have ab's if does not work then do more push up's.

When did bubbles become too aggressive to live with the Jackson family?

He didn't become aggressive, it was the fear that he would at some point become that way and possibly hurt one of the children. He went to live with his trainer around the time Blanket was born.

My cat is grumpy and aggressive towords people and animals hes usually not?

Stress can cause a cat to be grumpy and aggressive towards people

How do people change after puberty?

The changes that take place are because of hormonal imbalance. Even after puberty, some people remain aggressive or some become milder. It depends on the testosterone levels.

Why do animals become aggressive?

Usually they are being abused or not cared for well.

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