Why do people become aggressive?

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People can become aggressive when they don't get what they want, someone starts a fight. think, what is something that could make you aggressive?

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Q: Why do people become aggressive?
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Do people become aggressive after drug rehab?

Yes they do

Were the Sioux Indians aggressive people?

The Sioux Indians were not aggressive people. They were very peaceful. However, when someone came into their territory, they did become defendant of the land.

How does puberty affect you socially?

Some people become very aggressive. While some become isolated. Some become socially awkward.

Are pet marmoset monkeys aggressive?

yes they can become aggressive when they are around there owner they become overly protective.

Why are drunk girls so aggressive?

Well it is not only drunk girls that become aggressive, but the reason they do is that alcohol numbs the senses, reducing the ability to think straight. Most people do not get aggressive when they have not been drinking, so because alcohol reduces the feeling of anxiety people are not afraid to become confrontational, and a fight can start just from a stupid comment.

Which breed of cockatiel becomes aggressive?

Cockatiels do not become aggressive unless they are treated badly.

Can your dog become aggressive if it is going blind?

Yes it can but it is not nesscialary aggressive it mostly fear.

When you die will your dog become aggressive?


Do female dogs become aggressive during pregnancy?

They can become protective.

At what age does a jack dempsey fish become aggressive?

They are aggressive at hatching and stay that way for their whole lives. They are VERY AGGRESSIVE when they are breeding.

Dog aggressive towards people?

Yes, dog aggressive.

Are shiba inus aggressive?

They are not aggressive towards people or stranger, but they can be aggressive toward other dogs.

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