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Anorexia is less about food than it is about control. Anorexics do not feel that they are in control of their lives - food is one thing they can control, and it gets out of hand.

I think that anorexia is all about how people choose to eat. I have experienced anorexia before and it is not a pleasant thing. It is so hard to not eat so whenever someone is eating then you feel like you have to go away or throw up. It is not about food but about your decision and your reasons for it. Never do it and never live like it because sometimes then you just wish you didnt before.

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Q: Why do people become anorexic?
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How many people become anorexic in the UK?

Roughly 1 in every 250 people is anorexic.

How do sims become anorexic?

They can't become anorexic.

Is there a book on how to become anorexic?

There are not any books available that tell you how to become anorexic, but there are guides on the internet that can tell you how to become anorexic.

How many people become anorexic every year?


How much should a Anorexia person eat and how much do they actually eat?

Anorexic people don't eat but dont become anorexic!

How can you become anorexic when you love food?

because people like me ... we hate food its our worst enemy your staving yourself ... to become thinner you cant just become Anorexic you know ... its a decease in the mind. you don't just become it some are born with it! if you want to be anorexic you will be a wanmanorexic anorexic is a mental condition in the brain where as a wannanoriexic isn't it means you want the decease. or to be like one.

Can someone be average size and still be anorexic?

Yes, some people are started out as fat, but if your not fat is is likely that you will become scrawny. Also some people can eat or starve for long periods of time and not change in size. (THIS SHOULDN'T INSPIRE PEOPLE TO BECOME ANOREXIC)

How do you become an anorexic?

You can become anorexic by not eating or limiting the portions of food in a diet, and by going on a very strict diet.

How much money is spent on anorexic teenagers?

Im not sure, you should become anorexic and figure it out, HAHA! =) Im not sure, you should become anorexic and figure it out, HAHA! =)

How do you become Anorexic in a day?

You don't

When do they get an eating disorder?

it depends on the disorder for example people become anorexic between the ages of 13 to 18 and people become bulimic in their 20's

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