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Hobbies are good because they help make people more well-rounded. Someone who spends all their energy on just one thing is going to have more stress (and be less interesting) than someone who has many different interests. Having a hobby helps you to relax and take your mind off stress. Hobbies also give you something creative to do, and that improves your self-esteem. You can also use a hobby as a great way to socialize, which is another healthy thing to do.

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How many people choose art as a hobby?

I would say about 30% if people that have a hobby do arts and crafts.

Why you choose to make guitar instrument?

beacause it is my hobby

What is a good name for an email address?

Choose something you like, like a hobby of yours, and add a number after it. That is a good e-mail address for most people. Or, if your favorite hobby is unavailable, look up your birthstone. Add that to your favorite hobby. Another common thing in email addresses is for people to put in the year that you were born. Example:

Do you have a hobby that can be turn into a business why and how this hobby can be use for a business venture?

Hobby cannot be turned into a business unless it is something like photography and you sell your pictures to people. But for most people, they keep a hobby for their pleasure.

Is a hobby a business?

A hobby is not a business. It is something people do for pleasure or because they feel like it.

Why do people scrapbook?

Because it's a hobby for most people that choose to scrapbook. It's a very creative way of displaying those memorable pictures that would otherwise be sitting in a box up in the attic.

Who invented hobby?

Hobby was invented from the birth of people. Even trillions of years ago, people like doing things for pleasure. maybe they did not invent the word "hobby" for them yet but they still had them.

Why do you do your hobby?

Hobby is something people does for pleasure. Your hobby makes you fulfilled, cheerful, and secure. People do hobbies for fun. It's not a job and you don't have to do it... it's your choice!What's your hobby? These are my hobbies...Ice SkatingBikingWriting Stories... and much more!

What was Mother Teresa's hobby?

she was too busy to have a hobby because she took care of poor people

Why would people devote their lives to one specific hobby?

People would devote their lives to one specific hobby because people have innate preferences for a certain hobby. People like specific hobbies and do those hobbies only because they wish to do so.

Is ice skating a hobby?

Yes! Ice skating is a hobby! Everything is a hobby if it is something you like to do. A hobby is anything that some one enjoys to do, like drawing, or dancing. Many people think that because something is not well know that it is not a hobby, in fact hobby means to do something you enjoy.

Is sewing a hobby?

Yes, sewing is a hobby. A hobby is anything that people enjoy doing in their spare time. This includes crafts, collecting, musical instruments, etc.

Why is piano playing not in the hobby section?

For some people piano playing isn't just a hobby. It can be their job or their life.

How do you write an essay about hobby?

Well if you love shopping and you have to write an essay on your hobby, then choose shopping. You can say that you love the work on clothes most of the time and write when you first got interested in clothes! :)

What is a good quatrain poem topic?

Your favorite food, or maybe a hobby. Choose something specific and explain it descriptively.

What is the hobby that people spend their money on most?


Is art a famous hobby?

Yes it is to creative people

Why do some people carve?

It's a fun hobby

What is the most popular hobby in India?

some people only working for India,and most of the people in India are negligence and they r not thinking about India,this is most popular hobby for Indians

What is the most dependable farm tractor for a small hobby farm?

There are a couple options for small hobby farms. Both Bobcat and Mahindra are reliable, trusted brand names for compact tractors suitable for hobby farms. Mahindra has a few you can choose from depending on your individual needs.

Who are some famous people who crochet as a hobby?

Vanna White

Why is the crayfish endangered?

People kill them for, food, hobby or for fun

What is leon trotsky hobby?

taking over people lives

How do people keep honey bees as a hobby?

Because they want to

What is Mickey Mouse's hobby?

he likes helping people when there is a problem

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