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Why do people choose to homeschool their children?

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The public system caters to the lowest common denominator and thus brings down the rest of the students. Our nation will become a nation of idiots if we don't change the school system.

We home-school our children because the "Blue Ribbon" school they were attending catered to the problem child. Even though the school had high test scores, it still had problem children who took away from the learning experience of the regular kids, and the kids with a higher intellect. The "gifted and talented" program was a whopping 1 hour every two weeks. The rest of the time was spent standing in lines "learning" how to eat lunch or go to recess.

We also home-school our kids because God is being forced out of their lives. We could not say Merry Christmas or even have red and green plates at the "holiday" party because we might offend someone. That being said, it was fine to celebrate Islam and Kwanzaa and every other religion, but not the religion that our country was founded on. "In God We Trust"

We don't live in the country. We aren't anarchists. We just want our children to be treated as they should - with respect. They should be taught to learn, not how to stand in line.

We home-school our kids because we want them to form a life long love of learning. Our daughter lost her spirit to learn as soon as she started going to the public school system and it has been a struggle to get it back.

Our daughter still can't spell due to the insane ways the public school was teaching spelling...

2016-12-28 01:15:30
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Q: Why do people choose to homeschool their children?
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Do people homeschool there children?

Many people homeschool their children.

How many children have homeschooling?

im homeschooled not many people homeschool there children but i think they should!

Do you have to have a diploma to homeschool your children?


Where can I get information if I want to homeschool my children? has a lot of pertinent information for parents looking to homeschool their children.

Can single parents homeschool their children?

Absolutely! However, many single parents choose not to do this, due to the need to work to support their family.

My three children are among the six white children in their district can I homeschool on this basis?

You do not need a "Basis" to choose home school. It's legal in every state for any or no reason.

How many parents choose to homeschool?

Only about three percent of children are homeschooled. The amount of students deciding to be homeschooled is growing every year.

What is the purpose of the homeschooling?

There are lots of reasons parents choose to homeschool their children. A lot of places offer homeschool support group meetings for parents and their children where they can meet once a week or whenever the group decides to have meetings. Here the children can socialize with other homeschooled children, go on field trips. And the parents can get tips and ideas and support to help them in their homeschooling.

How did they educate their children in the southern colonies?


What do parents need to do to homeschool their children?

Homeschooling is regulated by the individual states. Google your state and "homeschool laws."

Where are people that can give free homeschooling.?

There are not many people available that will provide homeschooling for no cost at all, as an alternative parents can homeschool their children using resources such as a local library, and contacting nearby schools for homeschool curriculum material.

Is there a penalty for homeschooling fraud I happen to know of a mother who receives government funds to homeschool her 9 year-old but instead she lets her 14 year-old do it while she goes out to work?

That is not fraud.. there is nothing wrong with that actually unless she is breaking specific homeschool laws in her state. People do not receive government funding or money to homeschool their children..the government does not PAY people or FUND people to homeschool.

Can you homeschool for A level examination?

Yes, you can homeschool for any standard examination, although many homeschoolers do not choose to follow mainstream examinations and tests.

Is homeschool children growing?

Yes. Homeschool is growing significantly in popularity and has seen an increase every year in recent years.

How do you spell homeschool?


Information on high school homeschool.?

Parents homeschool their teens for a variety of reasons. Some children have different learning styles, and homeschooling allows for customized processes. Others homeschool to remove their child from circumstances where teachers or social pressures are having a negative effect. Some, like myself, choose to homeschool because it allows the children to follow their own interests and often learn at a much faster pace. My son, 16, is currently learning trigonometry, not from a book, but from game programming. This flexibility is simply not possible in an institutionalized environment.

How do I learn to teach homeschooling?

This site is a good all-around resource for people who homeschool their children, as well as people who want to do so.

Is it unlawful to homeschool in Germany?

Yes. Homeschooling is illegal in Germany, and some families have had their children taken out of their custody because they wanted to homeschool. Those who are not German citizens, however, can be allowed to homeschool. For example, American military families who are living in Germany may educate their children according to American education laws and therefore are allowed to homeschool.

Why do some people have gay children?

When people have children, they do not get to choose the child's sexual orientation. Just as they cannot choose the child's hair color.

Why were people in the southern colonies homeschooled?

The children were too far from a school. The south was mainly farms and plantations and there were miles between cities and the people living on farms or plantations. It was easier to homeschool and for wealthy people they had tutoring for the children.

Are there any government grant programs for parents that homeschool their kids?

absolutely not. Education is a requirement a it private, public or homeschool. Parents do not get paid or funded to homeschool their children nor are their any tax break for homeschoolers.

Is it possible to homeschool your children after they have attended public schools?

Yes, you definitely can.

Do you get paid to homeschool foster children?

No, education is a requirement for all by law. If one chooses to homeschool their child, be they biological, adopted or foster, the parent/caretaker/guardian does NOT get paid but incurs all expenses required to provide the education of the children AND will be required to follow and obey their state's homeschool laws as well.

Will my child have a social personality if I choose to homeschool?

Yes, I know many homeschooled children who are very social, a good way to ensure this is by having them participate in extra-curricular activities such as sports or music.

How can you nurture the homeschool partnership?

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