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Q: Why do people come out with bad language when in an argument?
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What is better Punjabi people or Gujarati people?

All these people are fine people. People are not good or bad because they come from a certain background or language.

What to do when you have a bad argument?

I want to answer the question of linux command , what is the meaning of the tip " bad argument "peg" " in linux system ?

Where do most people with attitudes come from?

When you see one person with a bad mood you can not assume where they come from people have bad attitudes. All countries have people who have "off days." Me and you have bad attitude days too, I promise!

How many good people and how many bad?

A few good people, and sadly a lot of bad people. this happens because of what this world has come to, mainly it has come from selfishness.

Do bad things come from Satan or does God allow bad things to happen?

Bad things come from nature, such as storms, famine, drought, etc. Bad things caused by people come from bad choices.

Why do they use bad language on YouTube?

YouTube allows bad language in their videos, because, of course, people have the freedom to say whatever they want to say. The people who post these videos have no regard for the audiences that may watch them.

How do you pass a constant to a function argument that only accepts a structure?

Assuming that the argument will only accept a structure, you must place the constant inside of a structure, and use that structure as an argument. If you're using a looser language, you may be able to get away with using a constant in the place of the structure; but either way, that's bad programming practice.

Why are computers bad for the society?

One argument that computers are bad for society is that they allow people to communicate without any actual human involvement. People can become isolated with no human contact when they use a computer and rely on it instead of other people for contact.

Bad words describing a bad person?

There are no bad people, only people who make bad decisions. Come up with a better question, i mean who asks that kind of thing!!

Who invented bad language?

sailors, kids, other stupid people

What is bad about a blog?

Theres too much opportunity for the writer of the blog to come under attack from other writers. Its an open door for much bad language to be used between both sides. You will have to be strong if you start a blog. People will speak against you and if youre not used to it, it will hurt.

How come people are offended?

Some people are offended by bad words

What bad language was used in the 1800s?

my boyfriend said that the people in the 1800's used bad language , like the new show deadwood. I said that couldn't be true. So can you help me figure this question out?

What can you do to make them stop bad decisions?

If you have a rational, logical argument and they are rational, logical people, than you probably have a chance at bringing them back from making bad decisions. But it's only your opinion that it's a bad decision, after all.

Are Bad words restricted?

Yes, bad words are restricted for some people. They are restricted for most jobs, because bad language is considered unprofessional and offensive to most.

Can people control their bad language?

Sure, unless they have a very specific medical condition.

Bad things that come from war?

The bad things that came from war that many people died!

What are the needs of deaf people?

Deaf people can't hear so they have to have people come in to teach them sign language. It is good to know the Sign Language system so you can communicate with the deaf person and bring a smile on their face. Deaf people want to just be normal like some other kids and when kids are nice to them it makes them feel good. It is good to appreciate the good things in life than focus on the bad things.

What does dreaming about getting shot mean?

To dream of getting shot could be warning of a bad argument to come.. Being shot symbolizes being "shot down "by words that will wound you. (emotionally)

Is Halloween BAD?

in some religion people say its bad because they think ghosts come out by:isha

Is an atheist a bad person?

Not necessarily; first of all, many philosophers would argue that people aren't good or bad but that people do good or bad things. Some non-believers are extremely well respected people - Betrand Russell and David Attenborough come to mind. Some theists have done bad things; the 911 terrorists also come to mind.

Why do people on this site have such bad grammar?

They come here to learn.

Original conclusion on television effects on children?

Finally what can be said about the impact of TV is that it can be both good and bad. Most of the time it all depends on who is watching. Similar to what was mentioned in the arguments above it has been proven that the television is not all bad or all good, but both.The first supportive argument discusses the bad language of the television. The argument discusses around three main impairing factors, which are profanity, informality and slang. Despite that watching TV impairs you language, the counter post states that it can also help people develop their vocabulary. Although the counter post had well-presented arguments the supporting argument was stronger, due to the fact that it had a more reliable source.The second supportive argument discusses the bad knowledge that TV provides. Besides the fact that the arguments are enhanced by good sources they also clearly affirm what people believe in general. The counter post about good knowledge did not have as strong arguments as the supportive argument.The counter and supportive argument regarding TV's influence on one, has shown that the side effects of watching TV is rather bad than good. The reason why it is considered more trustworthy is because of its sources, which are medical doctors. Not only could the scientific inquiry be read, but it could also be seen in the society. It is reasonable that children's health deteriorates annually, due to the fact that they are prioritizing media before a social life.Finally what can be concluded about television is that overall it does not have a good impact on people. It might be entertaining but nevertheless it all depends on whom and what their watching. Therefore stop watching, start living!-yeshmitha,9th std

What does gandi bachi mean?

Gandi bachi is an hindi phrase. Gandi in Hindi Language means bad . And bachi in Hindi Language means Girl . That is it means bad girl.Gandi bachi means 'bad girl'

What is bad about graffiti?

it is bad because when new people come in to that place they are not want to come back if there is graffiti all over the place!!