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  • Low self esteem and poor body images. Media plays a part, but you must have self esteem to not compare yourself to anyone on TV. You are unique in your own way. Eating healthy and exercising should be for your health and not because of how you want to be perceived.
  • Eating disorders are caused by either low self esteem and in many cases the person with the eating disorder feels they have no control over their life, but the one fact they know they have control over is no one can make them eat. Some young women are swayed by the media as to what they feel they should look like. Teen magazines, movies, etc., all play a role in brain washing young people to simply make money off them such as being super thin so they can buy the clothing that an actress may be trying to sell, etc. Medical scientists are still trying to find out what it is in the brain where the person with an eating disorder is stimulated to do so and why they see themselves in the mirror as being too fat. You hardly hear of someone saying they are too skinny.

actually, quite a lot of "naturally" thin women would die for curves. People just don't want to look bad in other people's eyes

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Q: Why do people develop eating disorders?
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Reasons people develop eating disorders?

they do not eat the right foods

How ais self-esteen related to some eating disorders?

many people who develop eating disorders also have very low self esteem

Of 100 people how many develop eating disorders?

0.5 The common statistic is that 1 in every 200 will develop on eating disorder of some kind. (Anorexia, Bulimia, EDNOS, Binge-Eating, Compulsive Eating, Over-Eating, ect.)

When do eating disorders develop in general?

Anybody can develop an eating disorder at any age, but it tends to be young adult women.

How many males vs females will develop an eating disorder?

For eating disorders, 1 male with suffer for every 9 females. If there were 100 people with eating disorders, 10 would be men and 90 would be women.

Why do young men and women develop unhealthy eating behaviors or disorders?

Young Men and Women develop unhealthy eating behaviors and disorders, sometimes because they're nervous about something so they just eat what they have near them. Many develop eating disorders because they feel that they're not perfect. they have to look this good in order for people to them to like them. And because they can be made fun because of their weight and how they look. That's how anorexia comes into play. That's a reason that young men and women develop unhealthy eating behaviors and disorders.

Why do you think some teenagers develop eating disorders?

Teens (mainly female) develop eating disorders because they "think" they are to fat so they starve themselves to get the skiny looks they see in magazines.

Are white women more prone to eating disorders than other people?

Statistics show that women develop eating disorders more than men. Teenage girls are the highest affected, however, there is no evidence that white women contract eating disorders over other races.

Why are eating disorders not just a medical issue but a social issue?

Eating disorders are social issues because people can be compelled toward performing behaviors associated with eating disorders, such as starving oneself, binging and purging food, and laxative abuse because of social pressures. Over time, these behaviors together with anxiety associated with peer pressure can develop into eating disorders.

Why people develop eating disorders?

Well people may get this because people eat to much of the same foods so if i was you i would just jam at home

What is the percentage of eating disorders?

Eating disorders affect ane stimated 1 in every 100 people.

How many people die from eating disorders per year?

as many as 20% of people that dont get treatment die of eating disorders

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