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Because people differ in their abilities, talents, knowledge, experience, motivations and tastes.

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How does the project audit differ from the performance measurement control system?

How does the project audit differ from the performance measjrement control system

In what ways would a performance at the original globe theatre differ from a performance in the globe theatre today?

it will be safer now then in 1990.

In what ways would a performance in the Globe Theatre in the 1600s differ from a performance in the new Globe Theatre?

in the new globe theatre performance were to class and seat were very ugly i remember i went their was no roof and if it rained the performance would be over

What is meant by work and job performance?

Work and job performance indicates how individuals differ in their preferences regarding the trade-off between work and leisure.

What factors can impact on people and their performance in the workplace?

Safety and training can impact on people and their performance in the workplace.

Does changing to a performance muffler effect emissions?

Mufflers only differ sound, not emissions. Same with a resonator.

How does the population density in western China differ from that in eastern China?

The differ is more than 5,000,000 people to 5,000,000 people to 1,000,000 people

Was Bruno mars halftime performance a marriage of gay people?

No, His halftime performance in Superbowl 2014 was a musical performance, not a wedding.

How did North Korea's economic performance differ from South Korea's?

North Korea's economic system is restricted due to it's communist form of government. South Korea's economic performance has no restrictions.

Who has US public performance rights?

people with US public performance rights have US public performance rights. Would I be "right" ??

When people belong to different cohorts they differ in?

When people belong to different cohorts, they differ in age groups or generation.

What is the evaluative purpose of a Performance appraisal?

The evaluative purpose is intended to inform people of their performance standing

Why do people use steriods?

to enhance performance

What is a performance with three people called?


How do people in Iran differ other from other southwest Asian people?


How many people could the Globe hold for a performance?

1500 - 3000 people

How does realism differ from romanticism?

It focuses on hardworking people.

Do people differ in their views of what the status quo is?


How do people differ in their hair?

maybe, its because of heredity ..

How do sun and moon differ in the way people see them?


What legislation impacts on people performance?

lunn fuddi...

Why is art performance important?

It helps people with life

How does culture of advanced people differ from primitive people?

It does not differ at all. Culture is what makes an ethnic group. The only thing that is different are 'tools' of their time and geographic location. Also, I think you mean "modern people" and "prehistoric people"?

How is an reward situation differ from unilateral contract?

A reward situation is a unilateral offer which upon performance of anyone (as the offer is open) becomes a unilateral contract.

Does the number of people on the plane affect the way it flies Why?

There are four interrelated elements of aircraft performance: lift, weight, thrust, and drag. While the number of people, per se, wouldn't affect the performance of an aircraft, the weight of those people would. --- Also, the position of those people would matter in terms of aircraft performance.

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