Why do people do anything to become popular?


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you should try talking to popular people and give them stuff like a dairy milk or somthing. because society thinks that if people know their name, their cause in the world would be more significant. this is almost never true except with exceptions to those who contribute and then gain popularity.


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They become popular when people start talking about them.

Get involved! Do sports, join a club, be in student council. Anything that exposes you to other people is a great chance to become popular. Popular people are liked by many and know a lot of people. Be yourself, be nice, and do a lot in school.

Do the right thing and you will become popular. People put their attention on the right news.

Why is anything popular? Because its effective and people enjoy it.

Be yourself, be friendly, and be outgoing. Become friends with people who are already popular.

Foods become popular because people think they taste good.

they became popular because popular people started eating them and the tastie :)

it became popular by the french people ok .

Stupid Question and Stupid answer

The zipper has only recently become popular with many people. The zipper became popular in the late 1900s and early 2000s.

it became popular becase no1 had seen anything like it... it has been around for a while........

Start dating someone popular then people will start to think of u as popular

when people started eating it!

when people started reading it

he became popular because people believe

A person with Aspergers can become popular by just being themselves. If they're nice, people will come to them for who they are, not what they have.

because people had nothing better to do.

Since it made people high

people could get news quickly

Because his reforms and military conquests were popular with the french people.

It became popular because it's inspiring to some people

Be confident ! If your friendly with everyone you'll become popular among them .You will still be popular even if your not the coolest kid at school.

people are ttly obsessed with it for no reason!!!!

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