Why do people doubt the love they'll never know They don't know how much i love the man I'm engaged to...yea I'm 15...but why does there have to be an age limit to love?

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2010-06-09 00:30:08

There is no age limit to love. I believe that you can fall in

love at any age, any time in your life. The people who don't

believe it can happen only think that because they've never

actually felt it themselves.

Most people who doubt you and who try and persuade you to think

a bit clearer HAVE been in love themselves and know the gravity and

depth it involves. A 15 year old person would not have any

xperience with love other than parental or family love and would

NOT know the depth to which it can truly go. Your hormones are

making you think that age is no barrier to love. It is no barrier

to sex and infatuation- both VERY different things to love my


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