Why do people eat baby powder?

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Medical science does not know why people eat baby powder, but the thinking is that it possibly is a craving due to a dietary deficiency of iron or Vitamin D.

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Q: Why do people eat baby powder?
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Why do you eat baby powder?

Well, baby powder helps my throat. I get constant pain in my throat, and everytime, I eat Baby Powder. My doctor reccomended it.

Is baby powter yummy?

Baby powder is not yummy at all. Alkali is a chemical in baby powder. It is not safe to eat the baby powder, it could be poisonous!

What does Camden eat?

Turds and Baby Powder.

How much baby powder do you eat?

Baby powder is a poison (talc) that can cause organ failure and death.

What if baby eat washing powder?

Washing powder is sodium carbonate that is poisnous for us it can cause the death of baby if baby eats it.

Can eating baby powder cause yeast infections?

Well, no one should eat baby powder. Do you mean, using baby powder can cause yeast infections?

if you eat baby powder can you still have kids?


Why did people invented algebra?

To calculate how much baby powder to eat! To symbolize real life scenarios in numerals.

What are the risks of eating baby powder and smoking?

Baby powder has chemicals in it why would you eat that!! It can't be good for you cause it is not meant to be eaten.

Will baby powder help with a yeast infection?

Eat yogurt!

Is it wrong or dangerous for your health to eat Baby powder when you are about to get your period?

There really anything WRONG with it and I can't imagine that it could effect your period, BUT WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO EAT BABY POWDER?

Is baby powder harmful to eat?

The baby powder itself is not harmful, but the powder is so fine that it could be possible for the fine particles to be inhaled and cause respiratory problems.

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