Why do people enjoy music and what makes them do that?

Here are some answers from our community:

  • This might have something to do with the fact that most of the universe is made up of vibratory patterns.
  • I believe that the gift of composing great music comes from God because no songwriter can really explain where the music comes from it just comes to them and they just take it down when it is gifted to them good music stirs the soul and just connects with people maybe it works on a spiritual level and that strikes something in a persons being...Robin Gibb said that when the creative part of the brain is open he can write for hours and not even eat and time just passes without realising it...he also said that he is constantly filling a hole inside him with the creative work...
  • Because it calms the soul and relaxes you. Or if you're sad it can influence you to help you cheer up. It's like magic!
  • It must be impossible NOT to enjoy SOME kind of music, unless you are sadly deaf since birth.
  • Music is like a drug that can make you happy when you want, sad when you want, confused, angry, surprised, and basically every emotion there is whenever you want it to.
  • The funny thing about music, is that i bet it would have saved millions of lives in history
  • its biological reason is when we listen music our brain has an award circuit and connections with deep brain.when we listen music a hormone dopamine(happiness hormone) is produced which make us feel good
  • We just all enjoy the rhythm and beat of it.
  • Music conveys emotion; humans experience all sorts of different kinds of emotion, from sadness, happiness, to anger and excitement.
  • Humans like sympathy; I feel that people enjoy listening to music because it "sympathizes" with our inner thoughts and beliefs. We enjoy having someone knowing how we feel, even if that someone is just music.
  • I don't think there should be debating whether this is a scientific or religious matter that is bias in answering and although I believe in science I will not go on about my opinion the question should be answered as asked.
  • Well regardless of the cause music is an array of information which creates positive emotions when entering the brain, when established this information interacts with ur sub-conscious just as any info does when you experience good emotions and ur sub-conscious acts on what it has heard from this information to release the appropriate chemical emotions which you then experience and interpret as a good feel.
  • You need to make the listener remember it. Memory is well encrypted when the brain senses an emotional situation. You need to also appeal to the social ear. The different genres of music are made to distinguish social groups in different ways. Make sure your music has the characteristics that the genre contains. Like certain instruments and drum noises and vocal sounds and such things as that. The lyrics you need to make basically good. My research at the moment is being spent in this particular subject. The Lyrics. I don't have enough information to give out, nor do I expect it to be entirely accurate.
  • Non-verbal communication. Makes us feel good.

Here's what I've found for certain.

1. The chemical released is Dopamine (as I saw written by an educated gentlemen above me. He is right.) This chemical does two things. Triggers the memory center of the brain to help encode memories, and it makes us feel pleasure. Studies on this show that the chemical is released on the ending beat. like the end of a measure of music specifically.

2. There are two parts of modern music. The lyrics ,and the actual musical components. Both of which are important. Scientists don't yet know why musical notes can portray emotion sadly, but Lyrics, however, play a crucial role in the success of music. Meaning and emotion can be easily understood through familiar language. Moving on to the musical components. Music does hold a pattern and these patterns within the beats and the notes do hold emotion. When you first hear a song you may not always like it. but in time you will learn to enjoy it. This is because your brain has not yet picked up on the patterns when it first listened to it. It does not see any reason for why it should be listening to it. As time goes on your brain starts to put together memories about the song and eventually and gradually learns the patterns. I believe the patterns are received via sub-conscious, But we do not know this for certain.

3. I have even looked down into the depths of music ranging from looking for patterns withing beats and when certain notes strike to find patterns, all the way to measuring the differences in sound waves of individual notes in a sequence. Both of these areas showed consistencies. Like when measuring the differences of wavelength between two notes I found that a pattern emerges. A constant and consistent alternation between a wide change in wave length to short change. when I graphed these changes from a large change to a small change what I came up with where patterns that must be picked up by the sub-conscious because we do not consciously here these patterns. There was also specific ways the patterns changed when we looked at minor scales and major scales. Part of what I believe to be how music holds emotion.

4. My last and final point is to inform that music can be made up of a few parts. Lyrics,Music, and drums. Lyrics are to inform, music to back up the information, and drums to help the lyrics also. They all help each other in some way.