Why do people eyes change colors?

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How do your eyes change color?

how do your eyes change color? your eyes change colors by getting older

Do werewolves eyes change colors?

No they do not.

What is interesting about chameleons eyes?

there eyes change colors too

Why do eye colors change?

hazel eyes can change color but unless you have a problem eye colors cant change

Why do your eyes change colors?

just because they do:)

Can human eyes change colors?


Does Justin biebers eyes change colors?


Does john cenas eyes change colors?


How do your eyes change colors on fantage?

you can change them at Sun Block at the beach

How do you change the colors of your eyes on woozworld?

I know its possible..

When do vampires eyes change colors?

vampires eyes change color when they are either a newborn or when they had drank a humans blood

Do dogs eyes change colors when they die?

there is no life in the animal to keep the pigment in his eyes

Why can eyes change color?

Yes, they change color often. One example is babies eyes are often blue but change to other colors. Also, the color of peoples cloths and surrounding may at times make eyes look different colors.

How do you change your helm colors on AQWorlds?

It is the color of your hair or eyes

Can your eyes change color from staring at another color?

No, but some people are born with eyes that change between two closely related colors (like green and blue) seasonally and some are two different rings of color in their eyes. It all depends what eyes you were born with.

Can eye colors change?

Yes, my aunt Stacy has eyes that change I dont know how but they do.

What causes a dogs eyes to change color?

Do you mean from when they are born? Idk, but peoples eyes can (& most likely do) change colors from when they were born.

Why do Legolas eyes change colors in lord of the rings?

Legolas' eyes appear to change color because of lighting and camera angles.

What colour are Miley Cyrus' Eyes?

miley's eyes change colors so they are different at times.

Your eyes change colors frequently your optometrist told you he found 5 different colors in your eye Why does this happen is this normal?

Well Hazel eyes are the one of the only colored eye that change color frequently...

Why do Gerard Way's eyes look green in The Ghost Of You when they are really hazel brown?

His eyes change colors, some people's eyes do that

Where can you change the color of your eyes?

You can't change the colors of your eyes naturally. However, you can buy a different color contact lens at your nearest Glasses store.

How can people see colors?

With your eyes unless you are colorblind. The cone cells enable you to see colors.

Why do eyes change color?

They change color due to being in a certain mood, environment, or in a dark, light room. But the colors they change depends on the amount and type of pigments, primarily melanin, present in the eye´s iris.The sun also makes your eyes change colors. I know from my eyes the sun makes them look transparent.

What color are Jordan Yates eyes?

They change colors (green brown and blue)