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It's a biological instinct to maintain reproduction.

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Do women feel horny?

Well...yes. :/ If men feel horny, why can't women?

How are you when you start to feel horny around the boy that you like?


How do you know if you are horny?

If you are horny, you will feel a tingly sensation in your genitals, and you will have the erge to have sex.

Do girls feel horny?

Yes they do.

How do cats feel in heat?


When do you get horny?

when you feel like all you want to do is have sex but its just a phase that alot of young people use

What does it feel like when you feel ready to lose your virginity?

You get that "Horny" feeling.

How do you find your horny spot?

Feel yourself

How does Romeo feel as he watches Juliet?


If your bite by a spider how do you feel after?

pretty horny

When do snow leopard breed?

when they feel horny

What does a girl do when she is horny?

I'm so horny and normal watch videos or chat with other horny people

What do horny girls feel?

you poke ya self

Do women feel horny when their nipples get hard?


Does cocaine make you feel horny?

oh you betcha

How do you feel after a sex?

horny and u wanna do it again

Does LSD make you horny?

It can for some people. Makes me ridiculously horny

Why do you use geothermal?

to make bryan mom feel horny.

What is a glitter bomb drink?

why do i feel horny after drinking a few of these

How did they feel after the French and Indian War?

Tired, but also horny.

How does a guy feel when hes horny?

Quite good :P

What do you do if you feel horny?

go have sex with a guy or girl!!!!! or masturebate!!!!!!!

Why do girls want to finger their man in bed?

They feel horny

Why do baby giraffes need a baby sister?

to feel good and get horny otherwise they feel sad

Is it good to feel horny?

To some people YES to some people NO WAY to some people like me YES ITS A GREAT FEELING EXCEPT I CANT GET ANY SEX WHILE I HAVE THE FEELING!!!