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A few people may get fat because they want to or because their significant other wants them to. Some people will tell you that getting fat is fun. This is becoming increasingly common in today's day and age.

Some people get fat because of a hormonal imbalance. Others get fat because of an unhealthy diet. Most people get fat by eating too many high carbohydrate foods, such as refined (processed) carbohydrates, and not getting enough exercise. If you eat healthy foods and do cardio exercise you can lose fat. Fruits such berries, and non starchy vegetables, are much better snack options than refined (processed) carbohydrates.

As you become older, your metabolism slows down. Then you have no alternative but to boost your metabolism by avoiding refined (processed) carbohydrates, limiting even natural carbohydrates, and exercising more.

Refined (processed) carbohydrates are the major cause of obesity. Your body takes in more carbohydrate than it needs. Consuming fewer refined (processed) carbohydrates and burning off more calories through exercise is the way to avoid weight gain, obesity, and other diet related diseases. It is also the way to reverse weight gain, obesity and some diet related diseases.
Because they're lazy and never excersise, and they eat way too many foods with high cholesterol and fried foods.
In the thousands of years that man has survived people who were fatter than others actually survived better than thin people. Today we don't hunt and gather our food and many people use, drink, and eat foods that are wrong for them so they gain weight. We don't need to be fat today, but that DNA is still around and they gain weight.

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Q: Why do people get fat?
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