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People research tornadoes to learn more about them and how they work. Partially out of curiousity and partially to get information that could improve warnings.

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# research on internet (or google) # get a book from the library # get a magazine about tornadoes # talk to people that have seen tornadoes

There is no real research being done to that end. It is generally acknowledged by scientists that tornadoes cannot be stopped.

For most people it is the thrill and the opportunity to see the power of nature. For a few, however it is to report on tornadoes to help warn people in the path, and for a handful it is to conduct research on tornadoes. In some cases it is a combination of these.

Yes, Tornadoes do sometimes kill people. Dozens of people in the United States are killed by tornadoes each year. However, most tornadoes do not kill.

According to my research there has been so far 80 tornadoes that have hit Hawaii.

People who study tornadoes are a type of meteorologist.

People have died from tornadoes in many cities.

They can't. People cannot prevent tornadoes.

A tornado can happen regardless of what season you are in. Tornadoes often only last a few minutes, but they do a lot of damage.

No. Tornadoes occur naturally.

No. Hurricanes are named but not tornadoes.

Tornadoes don't kill people every day. On average about 80 people are killed by tornadoes each year.

From 2000 to today in Italy 9 people died from tornadoes. From the 1800 about 650 people died due to tornadoes

Yes, tornadoes injure and kill people every year.

Tornadoes affect people by damaging and destroying property and by killing and injuring the people themselves.

Tornadoes can destroy the homes of people and animals and can kill or injure them.

The are probably millions of people who have survived tornadoes. While it may seem surprising, the vast majority of people who are affected by tornadoes survive.

the fewer tornadoes the less prepared people are. like, tornadoes in California are very rare so people are not expecting it to happen. but when a tornadoes does hit California, people are not prepared and they have a greater chance of dieing.

On average 1,500 people are injured by tornadoes. every year.

Tornadoes killed 81 people in the U.S. in 2007.

On average tornadoes kill more people than lightning

On average tornadoes kill about 60 people each year.

Tornadoes killed 32 people in Tennessee in 2011.

Tornadoes in the U.S. killed 70 people in 2012.

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