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There are many reasons people become sick here are a few.

1) Infection by viruses eg chikenpox, 'flu, the common cold.

2) Infection by bacteria eg leprosy, staphlococcal boils, tetanus.

3) Karyotype differences eg Down's syndroms, Kleinfelter's syndrome,

4) Genetic mutations eg sickle cell anemia,

5) Genetic predispositions

6) Physical wear and tear eg broken bones, cuts and abrasions.

7) Aging

8)Chemical assault on the body eg cancers caused by some chemicals, chemical burns.

9) UV assault on the body eg skin cancers

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How people get sick?

You can get sick by eating your finger without washing it because it has germs and you will also get sick if your around other people that are sick and when people sneeze on you.

At the beginning of an epidemic week 50 people are sick If the number of sick people triples every other day how many people will be sick at the end of 2 weeks?

2100 people will be sick.

Why god made sick people?

What do you mean by saying sick people?

Why do people get sick of their partners?

People do not get sick of there partners. They get sick of the repetition of events and problems. Do something different everyday.

How sick people are sick?

with a tummy bug

In the 1665 plague who looked after the sick people?

No one looked after the sick people as they could get infected as well, the sick people were just left to die.

How often are people sick?

i get sick once a year.

What people are at risk for diabetes?

people that are really sick and people that are insulin dependent people that are really sick and people that are insulin dependent

What thrills do terrorists get from violence?

i, dont know, there sick people my friend, sick people.

Why is vaccination necessary?

Because do you want people to get sick and make other people sick do you.

What would Hitler do if people were sick in his camp?

Sick people were usually killed in the camps.

What does you are as sick as a dog mean?

the saying " your as sick as a dog" can mean more than one thing it usually means that you are quite sick. people tend to say it when people that they now are sick or the person who is sick is describing how sick they are. hpe this helped

What makes Chinese dwarf hamster get sick?

Hamsters have very similar immune systems to people. They can actually get sick if people in the house are sick. They can also get sick from dirty conditions, stress, or other sick hamsters.

If there are fifty people in a room and one of them sneezes how many people will get sick?

If the person who sneezes is not sick, perhaps no one in the room will get sick. This is impossible to answer.

How cats can get sick?

yes cats can get sick like people.

What are the dangers of air pollution?

People that are sick may have to go to the hospital or for those are not sick will her sick

Why GOD make people sick?

God doesn't make people sick, bacterial infections and viruses do.

How many people get sick each year?

About 406,000 people get sick in a year all around the world.

What are the disadvantages of the nursing process?

The disadvantages are seeing people sick and you can get sick from them and somtimes I saw people die.

Where do sick people stay to keep germs from spreading?

some sick people stay at home or in the hospital

What are the release dates for Sick People - 2014?

Sick People - 2014 was released on: USA: 2014

Can they fire you if you are sick?

Yes. If you are constantly calling out sick, they don't need that. They are a business, not a charity for sick people.

Is it fun to be mean to people?

No, unless you have a sick mind! Do you have a sick mind?

Can you get sick from outdated walnuts?

Rotten nuts can make people sick.

Who should receive the sacrament of the anointing of the sick?

people who are very sick

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