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Giving out candy is a US thing that other countries may do. Giving out candy is a symbol of showing how sweet something can be in the darkest light.

Also that when people give out candy its from there heart

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Q: Why do people give out candy on Halloween?
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Why do people give candy out on halloween?

people give out candy because they respect the people that ask for sweet

Why do we give out candy?

We give out candy on Halloween. Because its a traditional. Thing

Can you trick or treat a day after Halloween?

Yes! Of course! If you do it in a group, most people will give you candy. A majority of people will have leftover candy!

What do people get for Halloween?


What happened on Halloween?

people got candy

Is there a lot of interest in halloween goody bags?

Some people are interested in Halloween goody bags. Some people give these bags out at parties while others give them to each child that asks for candy.

How many people die from poisoned Halloween candy?

no one has ever died from poisoned Halloween candy. ever.

Is it ok to give out candy on Halloween?

Yes, it is perfactly fine.

How do people celebrate Halloween in USA?

People in The United States of America celebrate Halloween by making costumes to wear on the day of Halloween and they 'Trick or Treat' at early night to around 11:00 pm with their costumes' on at the same time. 'Trick or Treating' is going around neighborhoods in costumes with bags filled with candy. Some people give candy, some people get candy. Usually kids, people who get candy just look in their neighborhood or a nearby neighborhood for people giving candy.

Why is it custom to eat candy on Halloween?

Because when people and kids go trick or treating, they go to someones house, and the people had to give out something, so they ended giving out candy, and what else to do with candy besides eating it?

What did people do to celebrate Halloween?

Based on halloween people gives out candy. Istated that because i go trick o treating every halloween.

What is the top Selling Halloween Candy?

Candy corn is the top selling Halloween candy.

What does candy have to do with Halloween?

Okay, little kids dressed up as devils and ghosts to worship that 'spirit' and if the people didnt give candy to them, they thought the 'spirits' would haunt them.

What do people in Peru do for Halloween?

Kids wear costumes and ask for candy in their neighborhoods. The main difference is that instead of saying "trick or treat" when asking for candy they say "Halloween, Halloween."

Is Halloween really canceled?

No, you can't cancel Halloween. Get out and go beg people for candy already! ;)

Why do people go to Halloween horor nights?

to get laid and get candy.

Why do people cellabrate Halloween?

i think just to scave for candy

What is the reason for Halloween?

Halloween is a holiday that is just for fun. Many people will pass out candy to children at night time on Halloween.

Can you give me a sentence for the word handful?

I bought a handful of candy for Halloween this year.

How many people eat candy?

Millions of people eat candy. The majority of people eat some kind of candy during Halloween and the Christmas season.

Are candy bracelets fine to give out during Halloween?

Candy bracelets are good "treats" to pass out, however, I would only give out the package or wrapped type of candy bracelet.

Why do you people give out treats on Halloween?

I think its because its fun for people. But if you want to hear the "My Opinion" from me. I think its really because some people started giving away candy so it started passing down to people so then now, most people give out candy now! ;{)

Where can you get candy corn after Halloween?

WAL-MART is the place to get candy corn after Halloween.

When was Harriet's Halloween Candy created?

Harriet's Halloween Candy was created in 1994.

What is the ISBN of Harriet's Halloween Candy?

The ISBN of Harriet's Halloween Candy is 9780876141823.