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Why do people go to war?

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because some countries start international debates, and then it gets worse and then they declare war on each other to try and get more country land, and then family's each other forced to go to war and fight strangers they don't know, or they choose to go to war for their 'country. most of the time it isn't too bad, so people don't usually have to be forced to go to war., but sometimes it gets to a certain extent that people are forced by the government to go and kill strangers.

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Did Cleopatra go to war with another group of people?

Did cleopatra go to war with a group of people or did she go to war by herself?

Did propaganda motivate people to go to war?

yes the propaganda motivated people to go to war.

Why should you go to war?

Some people go to war in belief and faith in protecting their country, some people go to war because they are forced to, and some people go to war because before a lot of wars occured people actually celebrated war and were joyous and soldiers wanted to go to war because they thought it was probally fun.

Did Helen Keller go to see people in the hospital from war?

yes she did go to see people from the war.

How many people did Ares go to war with?

Ares did not "go to war" with any one people, he was god of war, all war, any war, he was the war god of both sides.

Did Hatshepsut go to war with another group of people?

yes she did go to war

Why did Muhammad ali did not want to go to war?

Muhammad aAli refused to go to war because he didn't want to go to war, and shoot people. He also stated that why should we go, to war, and shoot people, what did they do to us?

Why did people go to war in World War I?

People had to go fight in the army at World War 1 otherwise they would have been shot dead or killed.

Why did the Mayan people go to war?

they needed to get war captives

How do wars effect the community?

people we might know go to war andimportant people who are needed in government somethimes go to war

In private peacefull why does tommo and charlie go to war?

they go to war beacuse they need to fight people!

Did people want to go to war?

Some did...

Why people go war?

To protect their country.

Why did people not want to go to war in 1812?


Where did many Jewish people go after war?


Did hatshepsut go to war with other people?


Who did Ares go to war with?

Ares did not "go to war" with anyone; Ares was god of war, it was his domain, any war, any people, any region. It did not matter much to him who won or lost in war.

How many people go to war in Iraq each year?

Alot of people!!

Why did America go to war in Vietnam?

America has fought frequent wars but is it neccesary? No we should not go to war. When we go to war the economy is sometimes affected. When we go to war alot of lives are affected from the people who died. Also alot of inoccent people from the country we are fighting against might be lost causing more drama.

What justification did US government have to go war with Iraq?

The United States Government has justification to go to war with Iraq to fight with the war on terror. After the events on September 2001, The american people was furious and angry about the loss of people which could have been avoided. After this people wanted war on terrorism.

Do people want to go to war?

yes and no Most people dont. Why would you want a war? m some people want to fight for there country

Did the us ever go to war with Russia?

technically no... but many people consider the cold war a real war

Why did people go to world war 2?

Thats just what you did, if you couldnt get a job, or you just wanted to fight, war was the way to go

How did they pick people to go to World War 2?

What they did is they put in a barrel pieces of papers up to 31. If just say number 14 got picked out of the barrel, the people born on the 14th would go to war. Some people used to break their leg so they couldn't go to war.

How did government efforts to ensure support for the war conflict with democratic ideals?

They tried to get people to go to war, even though they were not fond of it. It started to go against the ideas of freedom of choice when people were forced to go.