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Often an affair is at least as much about excitment vs boredom as it is about love. Many people aren't emotionally mature enough to recognize the difference between love and infatuation. Infatuation has a large component of excitment, discovery and intrigue. Mature love is more about commitment, devotion and sincerity. People who participate in affairs tend to have a problem with maturity in one or more areas of their lives. Which is not to say that even mature people can't be tempted, it's just a question of what to do when one IS tempted. Is there enough emotional maturity to recognize the pain that would be caused to a loved one if one were to give in to the temptation. A lot of guys have affairs NOT because they do not love their wives, because they still do. to be blunt, it is for a change of "scenery" or to havve a little strange cat.

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Q: Why do people have affairs?
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