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Much like nose hair, pubic hair around the anus is to block any small particles and minerals from entering through the opening, which might lead to irritation and/or infection.

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Q: Why do people have hair around their anus?
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Are some people born with no hair around their anus?

I never heard of hair around the anus. I've never seen an anus with hair.

What do you call hair in anus?

Hair growing around the anus is called perianal hair.peri = aroundanal = anus

Why do you have hair on the rectum?

There is hair that usually grows around the anus, but the rectum has no hair.

Do women have hair around anus?

hell yah!

Is it normal to have hair around the anus?

Yes; that is perfectly normal.

Do people have hair in their anus?

This should not be the case unless there are hair follicles that re embedded there

Is it normal for a guy to have hair around the front part of his anus?


Should i shave my pubic hair around my anus at age 14?

There is no need to shave. Its natural and it looks beautiful. Hair around the genitals including anus is always beautiful. Im 14 as well, I dont shave my anus hair cuz I think its really hot, and it kinda feels good if u rub it.

Can you shave the hair around your anus?

It is possible but difficult and far easier to get someone else to do it for you.

Why Hair came out of anus?

ingestion of hair through the mouth, thus it exits through the anus

Why do men get anus hair?

so bugs dont get into your anus. you dont have eyes on your anus I guess some people might say that if there is a God he sure has a weird sense of humour.

Boy in puberty to get hair in their bum?

During puberty, hair will grow around the anus and on the buttocks themselves, along with growing on the testicles, base of the penis and around it.

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What do you call hair in anus?

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