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I know some people do and that particular term goes back to the 30s and 40s and nothing new. I personally never liked being called "Baby" and would let the guy know straight up front I didn't. I don't mind Babe or Hon from my husband. i think that it's a cute term to show the affectoin that someone has for you. but personally i think it's a tradition and evryone seems to do it. but i really don't think it means much.

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What do people call a baby penguin?

people call it....YOUR MUM!

Why as humans do we like to call our lovers babies?

people call each other baby because it makes the other person horny and it help in sex

What do you call a baby newt?

Some people just call them "kewt".

What do people call a baby harp seal?

a pup

Is Shakira a devil worshipper?

No she is what you call a sexian. One who worships other peoples sexual relationships

What do you call your boyfriend other than honey or baby?

sweetheart, my love, darling... you can also call him boo, sugar, pumpkin, baby boy, ect

What do you call baby mice?

I named my mice after what they do i have cheeky and adventure because they were exited about there new home but other people name them normally like bob or weasel

I had a baby what does he call my cousins?

Your baby and your cousins are first cousins once removed to each other. You baby and your second cousins are second cousins once removed to each other.

Why husband and wife call each other baby?

its a sign of love

What do you call a newborn rabbit?

A baby rabbit is called a kitten. Usually people just call it a "kit."

How do you call relationships in Tamil?


What do you call a baby Parakeet?

what do you call a baby parakeet

What do you call a baby tarantula?

What do you call for a baby tarantula

Why do guys always wait for the girl to call them and never call the girl?

I don't think this is true for all guys. It depends how experienced they are in relationships. From what I have learned, a good relationships will only survive if both people call and communicate. I know that in all of mine it has never been one sided, we have both called each other and that makes the most out of the relationship. So, I don't think guys wait for the girl to call them and never call. If they do, probably from lack of experience.

What do you call the doctors who delivers the baby?

Obstetrician. doctors means help the people or cure the people

What is the difference between a relationship and a open relationship?

a relationship is where you dedicate yourselves to one another in a open relationship you two and kinda together but you're allowed to see other people most people call open relationships "linking"

What do you call people that eat other people?


What do you call a baby seal?

We call baby seals pups.

What do you call baby in french?

in France you call baby- bebe.

What you call baby horse?

You call a baby horse a foal.

What do call a baby penguin?

you call a baby penguin a chick

What do you call a male red panda?

a red panda :) a cub is a baby, but other than that, its a red panda to me xD

What do people call a baby gray wolf?

Wolf babies are called pups.

What do you call a baby buffalo?

A baby buffalo is called a calf. Although people call the American bison a buffalo, the African buffalo is a true buffalo. It is a mammal that lives in herds.

What is the definition of people who call each other honey bunny?

People who may call each other 'honey bunny' are sweethearts and spouses. There are parents may call their children by that name or people may call their pets by that name.

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