Why do people laugh?

Why Laugh?

  • Laughter is an emotional release similar to crying, brought upon by a mild mental stress rather than an emotional stress. It happens when the mind has some notion of an expectation and then that expectation is replaced by something similar but different and unexpected.
  • From sudden emotion created by humorous activities performed by others or by themselves.
  • When they're happy and feeling good.
  • Sometimes to prevent crying.
  • Someone tickled them.
  • It feels good to laugh.
  • Laughter is good for our lungs as an outlet for some extra energy. We use 17 different muscles to smile and 43 different muscles to frown, so it's easier to smile than frown.
  • Laughing also adds days to our lives. However, crying lessens our lives.
  • Laughing could also be bad, because you might get bad luck.