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Why do people like question-and-answer sites?



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The Popularity of Q&A Sites

Some people like to share with others what they know. Some people like to learn by reading the questions and answers. Q&A sites have grown immensely in the last few years. People are, more than ever, turning to the internet to get quick information about any topic. Popular topics include health and medical issues, consumer/product reviews, and relationship advice. Trivia is also a very popular destination for curious web-surfers.

Q&A sites offer that kind of info from experts or from everyday people. That's part of the appeal, too. It's kind of like asking your neighbor, coworker, or friend a question and getting a written answer.

There are some questions that cannot be answered by even the best reference books or encyclopedias. They need a human expert that can understand a complex relationship. or explain how to do something tricky. Some of those questions are difficult to ask face to face as they are embarrassing, or you just do not know anyone who can give you the appropriate advice. That is where Q&A sites excel. Bringing anonymous experts to people in need.