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Why do people like soccer?


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2015-06-16 12:40:46
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Um..what kinda question is THAT? =] Just kidding. Cuz like soccer is so so fun. It is challenging. It is exciting. It takes skill. It takes talent. Some people work well with their feet. Some people just like the oppurtunity to be a star and win.

Answerisnt it obvious? it is one of the most fun and exciting sports ever invented and other than track there is a lot more running and rules than other games. also, maybe people like it for the challenge? And

because it is the mos beautiful sport ever invented, it is so simple, for it is the only sport that it just need a ball to be played.


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dude come on, more than a billion people like to play soccer

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More people like soccer then softball because it is the most played sport in the world

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Well some people like soccer just like me but its a opinion

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People were playing something like soccer since ancient times. But modern soccer was created in England.

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