Why do people say Gesundheit when you sneeze?

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AnswerGesundheit is German for 'good health'. I think that while the general translation is helpful it still may not explain why some Western countries use it. (a)"ges"+ (b)"und"+ (c)"heit" a) not sure what that means, maybe thats a German adverb such as ness b) means good? c) means Health; so a closer direct translation may be good healthiness or healthihood; which doesn't sound right -- as something is usually lost in translation -- so we say it means good health.

I'm curious to know the phoenetic pronunciation as my interpretation is: guess-oondt-height.

Gesund means 'healthy' and Gesundheit means 'health' in general. To wish somebody 'Gesundheit' is a common saying in Germany if someone sneezes. I think it came to North America by immigrants in the 19th and 20th century. The pronunciation above is almost correct. The 'height' part is good but the guess is more like gues with just one soft s and between both would be something like 'ound'. So you'd have 'gues-ound-height'.
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Why do people say 'God Bless You' when you sneeze?

There are several theories for this. One theory says that the phrase "God Bless you" came from an Islamic practice which originated over 1400 years ago. According to the Islam religion, when someone sneezed, he should say "All Praises to God" and in response the people would reply "May God Bless ( Full Answer )

Why do people sneeze?

Sneezing is the body's attempt to remove blockages, germs, antigensand irritants from the nasal passage. Your nose is the air filterfor your body. Almost all the tiny bits of dust and dirt we breathin through our nose are filtered out so the air is clean going intoour lungs. The tiny particles are e ( Full Answer )

How do you sneeze on people?

sneezing is caused by dirt or dust ( sometimes cat hair). when you have sneezed mucus comes flying out at about 150 miles per hour. the term " bless you " is said because your heart stops and in some cases hearing " bless you " gives you good luck.

When people sneeze why does snot come out?

Usually when you are about to sneeze it is because you either have allergies to something or other that is around you or because you have a cold or flue and your immune system is reacting to the germs throughout the area that you are in. When you sneeze your immune system is reacting to the germs ar ( Full Answer )

Why do we say bless you when sneezing?

I was told that Catholics originated this as your heart actually stops beating for the split second you sneeze - hence the bless you for return of life to yer heart.... An old Catholic nun told me this!! Read more here...... http://www.inspirationline.com/Brainteaser/sneeze.htm

Why do we say Bless You when someone sneezes?

You contort your face, expel mucus, and others wish upon yourallergies. but the origin of "Bless You" believes that your soulcan come out and by saying bless you, it temporarily shortens thosechances.

What do french say when they sneeze?

"after the first sneeze, one says à vos souhaits which means "to your desires". If the same person sneezes again, the second response is à vos amours , which means "to your loves." Santé ( health ) is a more casual response." I saw that in the Wikipedia encyclopedia section. But my f ( Full Answer )

If god sneezed what do we say?

God can't sneeze, for he cannot be sick. He's perfect. If God were to choose to sneeze (sneezing is not always a symptom of an illness) and you were on hand to witness it, it would not be inappropriate to say "You bless You" which is a short way of saying "May you bless yourself".

Why do people yell when they sneeze?

they yell when they sneeze because the noise gets to their brain which makes them yell (i hope this si enough information for you

Do people sneeze when they have a cold?

yes i have a cold right now and i sneezing like crazy almost everyone sneezes, and has watery eyes during a cold. also you can sneeze around spring cuz of the pollen. i did my own experiment and i went to a local park and counted all the people who sneezed and asked when they usually have sneezing f ( Full Answer )

What do you say to an atheist when they sneeze?

If you mean "Do you say 'God Bless!' when a atheist sneezes?"the answer is "Who cares." It would be more appropriate to offer aKleenex or ask if he has a cold or allergy. But saying somethingthat gives the impression that you think diseases are caused byangry deities or that he might have coughed ou ( Full Answer )

Why do you say 'bless you' when you sneeze?

Legend tells that when you sneeze, the soul leaves the body with your breath. At that point, it is available for possession by an evil spirit. Saying "Bless you" prevents the evil spirit from entering the body when you catch your breath. Apparently, when you sneeze, your soul escapes. So if someone ( Full Answer )

Do people ever sneeze?

YES! Yes, of course. I don't know why you asked that question, maybe you don't sneeze? But, I can tell you that I sure do! And so does every other living human, including some animals.

Why do peole say bless you when you sneeze?

In short, no-one knows. A common story is that during the time of the bubonic plague (of which sneezing was an early symptom) people would say "bless you" in case the sneezer had the plague - the practise having started in 590 by Pope Gregory I. However, it's known that people have said "Bless-you" ( Full Answer )

How do you say bless you in Arabic after sneezing?

We say yarhamoka Allah (يرحمك الله) but after he say alhamdo lillah (الحمد للله) if not you say shafaka Allah (شفاك الله). after they say 'alhamdulillah', you say 'yar hammukallah'

Why do you say bless you while sneezing?

In past times it was commonly believed that when a person sneezed, a demon was expelled from the body. I don't even know how I know that.

Why people Sneeze so loud?

Sometimes people can't help how they sneeze. It's an involuntaryaction in most cases. However, people can leave the room or atleast cover their noses in an attempt to mask the noise.

Why do people sneeze and die on gravy?

People in general do not "sneeze and die on gravy." Such a thing might very rarely occur if an individual has some sort of severe allergy to an ingredient in the gravy.

Why do people say blush you when people sneeze?

Because you're hearing "Bless You" wrong, or they heard "Bless You" wrong and are saying "Blush You" because that's what they think you say when someone sneezes.. People say "Bless You" because there was an old belief that your soul could slip out (or a demon could slip in) of your nose when you sn ( Full Answer )

Why say god bless you when sneez?

Sneezing was thought to be an early symptom of the plague, 'God Bless You' was a sort of shield against evil. Sneezing was also though to be a way of expelling the Devil from your body, so 'God Bless You' was a natural response

Why do Germans say schultz after sneeze?

The don't say it after sneeze. I know the word from a drinking game. If someone burps, everyone on the table must say "schultz", and the last one or the one who doesn't gets a slap on his forehead.

What do Japanese say when you sneeze?

If you mean an expression similar to 'Bless you', they don't have that. One might just say usual lines like 'kaze wo hiita ka?' meaning 'have you caught a cold?' or 'dareka ga uwasa wo shiteimasu kamoshirenai' meaning 'maybe someone is gossiping about you' since that's a common belief in Japanese cu ( Full Answer )

What do atheist say when someone sneezes?

It truly depends on the person. For example when someone sneezes around me (being an atheist) that I don't know or know to be religious, I will gladly say bless you. Why because it is 2 meaningless words that will make the person feel comfortable. But each person is different, and most won't say any ( Full Answer )

Why do people sneeze at night?

your dead skin cells fall under your bed, causing people to have a reaction to the dust dead cells) resulting them to sneeze or when you are really tired fatugue causes your body to have a reaction

Why do people sneeze through their mouths?

When you let out a normal, healthy sneeze, it's naturally directed through both our mouth and our nose. While the majority of the air almost always comes from the mouth (which is where most of the ACHOO sound comes from), a good deal of it also goes through the nose, helping to blow out mucus and wh ( Full Answer )

What do you say when one sneezes in Arabic?

if they say 'ilhamdu illah' after sneezing you say 'yerhamch allah' and then the might answer you, saying 'yehdina wa yehdich/yehdeek allah' NOW YOU KNOW!

Why people sneeze when they have flu?

Its a reaction you have from the sickness or when you get sick all your yucky stuff goes to your nose to make you sneeze

Why do some people have sneeze fetishes?

Nobody is born with a sneeze fetish, it will eventually develop when you encounter people that you think are attractive sneeze. Once you start to like the way they sneeze, eventually a sneeze fetish will develop. It is very normal to have a sneeze fetish. As a matter of fact, I am not so sure why bu ( Full Answer )

Why do you say pardon you after sneezing history?

There are several reasons for the "Pardon me." after a sneeze. You have just inadvertently exposed those around you to your germs, and made a loud disruptive noise, it is only polite to ask pardon. You may need to excuse yourself to blow your nose, something that is impolite at table or in com ( Full Answer )

Why do people say god bless you with a sneeze?

Several reasons could be facts and were believed back in the days.The phrase stayed with us. . Some thought the heart stop beating while sneezing. So blessedthem to save their lives. . Some thought your soul might escape when sneezing. So blessedthem to keep it in. . Some thought the devil used ( Full Answer )