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Check out information about "Rhythmic Movement Disorder" at ~ T

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Q: Why do people sit and rock?
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What is the meaning of 'to sit on the Rock of Gibraltar'?

Theres a rock in Gibraltar (Indonesia) where if you sit on it you are know to be the king of the world. If you are to sit on the rock of Gibralter, it means you a a the king of the world.

Where do people sit in a gurdwara?

people sit in the Tharwar Sahib

What do Jewish people sit on in a Synagogue?

Usually people sit on chairs. Some Synagogues may have benches to sit on.

What river does Little Rock sit on?

The Arkansas River

What do you do in a Rocking Chair?

you would sit in it then start to rock

What does a rock do?

Rocks sit still and stay objects.

How do people sit in a church?

They sit anywhere!

Where did people sit in the globe?

Poor people would sit/stand in the "pit"

How does sugar and water make rock candy?

It has to sit out for a while.

What is the differences between punk rock picnic and punk rock gig?

There is no difference really, between a punk rock picnic and a punk rock gig. Both of them are punk rock festivals, which means that there is lots of people coming to see it, bands performing live, people having fun, etc. The only difference might be that, at a punk rock picnic, there are some areas where people can sit and eat, whereas at a punk rock gig you can still eat, but you mostly stand up and do the pogo/moshing dance with the crowd, so that can be the only difference.

What is the difference between a mosque and a gurdwara?

in a synagogue people sit on pews whereas in a gurdwara people sit on the floor

How is bacterian camels are in endangered?

because people sit on them alot and humped them alot because people sit on them alot and humped them alot because people sit on them alot and humped them alot

How do you make sound but not all of it?

Sit on a rock and ponder the meaning of life.

Where was the first sit-in martin?

at a high school in little rock,arkanas

How many people can sit in anfield satdium?

According to Wikipedia, 45,362 people can sit in Ansfield Stadium.

How do French people sit?

French people sit on chairs, sometimes on armchairs. They (mostly) sit on their buttocks in an upright position, both feet touching the ground.

Who were the sit-ins?

The sit ins are the people in the civil rights movement

Why do Chinese people sit on the floor?

They don't sit on the floor, the Japanese do.

Why did Rosa park go to jail?

because she sat in the front of the bus when she was supposed to sit in the back because black people sit in the back and white people sit in the front

What is odd rock in mine blocks?

An odd rock for what I know! It cant do much except sit there and look pretty :/ Not much, but something!

How could you double the mass of a moving object and not change its acceleration?

Sit a rock on it.

How did the term being stoned come about?

you just sit there like a rock sometimes

How does a rocking horse work?

There is nothing to it! Just sit on it and rock back and forth!

How do you make a rock play dead?

You sit it some where and tell it to play dead.

What are the springy things that you sit on and rock on at parks called?

they are called spring riders

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