Why do people suck on pacifiers when they take ecstasy?


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Ecstasy will cause u to grind your teeth, so people use pacifiers or gum to chew on to prevent grinding of their teeth.

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Ecstasy is considered physically addictive but usually only people that take it in large quantities and/or are casual users get addicted physically. People a lot of the time will just take the drug to feel better physically as you don't feel as good when your coming down or have recently come down from ecstasy so because users don't feel good they take more ecstasy to combat the bad feeling they experience, this is why it is considered physically addictive.

you suck it up and take it, or tell them everything.

That, my friend, would be called candy flipping. Yes, you CAN take ecstasy and acid, and yes, it IS fun! :D

Yes, Methadone will not block ecstasy. It will only block opiates.

No, and its not OK to take ecstacy on its own either.

The first time you take them out of the pack you dip them in boiling water to sterilize them. Read more in the link below.

No. you should not take ecstasy at all. it is one of the most, if not the most irreversible damaging drug to the Brain. If you take it with adderal,which is a combination of two amphetamine's, it can cause a heart attack.

yes she does ecstasy and takes painkillers

No. They are two completely different drugs. GHB is one of the most commonly used date-rape drugs. It is a strong depressant that makes you black out for hours, and when you wake up you have no idea what you've been doing (or what has been done to you). Some people do take tiny amounts of GHB recreationally, though. Ecstasy (MDMA) is a stimulant. You can't fall asleep on Ecstasy, nor will you black out on Ecstasy. It is also a mild hallucinogen, which GHB is not. Basically, Ecstasy is for dancing at clubs and having fun, and GHB is for incapacitating people so you can rape them.

If you take aleve and ecstasy you should be perfectly fine. just take small doses of the aleve!!! no more than two. A little pain reliever will never hurt anybody

Both Xanax and Ecstasy are dangerous drugs. If xanax is not prescribed for you then it can cause terrible side effects....Ecstasy is illegal and almost always has toxic filler substances added to the MDMA...so you never know what you'll get - don't do it. Yes, you can take them together. They aren't harmful together. However, I can't see why you would, it only reduces the effect of the Ecstasy. I take Xanax AFTER to ease my comedown and it works great You can take them together. I take the xanax when i feel that comedown anxiety.

It's very foolish to take either, together or seperately.

yes, but the two will interact in a way you might not like....

Take ecstasy and dance all night.

No! Nor would you want to! Trust me!

Mostly Ecstasy and Ketamine

There are countless different kinds of Ecstasy. An Ecstasy pill is rarely pure Ecstasy (MDMA). Usually, Ecstasy pills are cut with another drug or drugs. Most often, they are cut with some form of speed (amphetamines or methamphetamines), but they can also be cut with cocaine, ketamine (Special K), or heroin or other opiates. Unless you buy a pill-testing kit, there is no way to really know what's in the Ecstasy you are taking. Because of that, the safest course of action is to take Ecstasy alone, without any other drugs (with the exception of marijuana -- marijuana goes well with Ecstasy, as well as most other drugs). Since you can't really know what's in an Ecstasy tablet, you can't know whether or not Valium is safe to take with it. MDMA is itself a stimulant, so when it is mixed with other stimulants (speed, cocaine) its stimulant effects become even more powerful. Valium is a depressant. Mixing stimulants and depressants is very hard on your heart, and can lead to a heart attack. Opiates and ketamine are depressants, and when you take one depressant (Valium) on top of another, you put yourself at risk of falling asleep and never waking up (overdose). Most people experience what is called a "comedown" after taking Ecstasy. When the effects start to wear off (after about 4 to 6 hours), you feel wired, anxious, irritable, and generally unhappy. In order to soften the comedown, many people take Valium or Xanax when they are coming down off Ecstasy. In that case, a very small amount of Valium is probably okay to take. The other problem is that taking other drugs, while on Ecstasy, can kill your Ecstasy high. For example, if you drink alcohol or snort cocaine while on Ecstasy, the effects of the Ecstasy will mostly disappear, and you will only be able to feel the effects of the alcohol/cocaine. I don't know for certain whether or not benzodiazepines (Valium and Xanax) will kill your Ecstasy high, but it is certainly a possibility. As I said, the safest course of action is to just take the Ecstasy alone, or to take only one small-sized (5 to 10 mgs) Valium pill after 6 hours, when the effects are wearing off. If you are really determined to take Valium while you are high on Ecstasy, then at the very least, take tiny amounts of it. Take a small piece of a pill, and wait 30 to 40 minutes to see how you feel. If you feel okay, you can try taking another very small piece. Whatever you do, do not take more than a normal dose of the Valium.

Ecstasy can stay in the system for 3-5 days ,depending on your body mass and how many you have taken.

Just to be safe I stopped taking provigil two days before using ecstasy. I didn't have any issues.

well there are no proven studies but in all the cases of women who take birth control and Ecstasy they say it does not harm them in any way.

Yes. It is perfectly normal to take candy on a plane. Most people suck them as they are setting off in the air so that their ears do not pop!Love From Amber xxYes. It is perfectly normal to take candy on a plane. Most people suck them as they are setting off in the air so that their ears do not pop!Love From Amber xxYes. It is perfectly normal to take candy on a plane. Most people suck them as they are setting off in the air so that their ears do not pop!Love From Amber xx

Someone with a low tolerance may: -Overdose -Puke -Become extremely high I know people who can't get high unless they take 7 pills, some people overdose on 3.

Back then people would take leeches and let them suck the blood out because they thought it would take the sickness out.

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