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Why do people think all sharks are bad?


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Probably because they've seen 'Jaws' too many times.


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It's either the JAWS series or the fact that sharks kill people

yes. because people are bad

because they think that your a turtle and that they have bad eye sight

when their are more of them than sharks, yes, but not always. Think about it, would you attack some guy who has a couple of switch blades on him all the time and has a bad reputation for using them?

no not at all. in fact they are afraid of humans

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well sharks are not very smart, they have bad eye site but have the best sense of smell than all fish. example: you cut your foot on a sharp rock, its starts bleeding a shark may smell it 10000 miles away in the ocean. when sharks eat us or bite us they don't mean to, they possibly think your a seal because sharks think our blood tastes very bad when the swallow it they throw it up again. they think your a seal because your flopping your legs and arms everywhere so sharks are not that smart

because people have this in their nature. we all think think that if we say the truth we'll be punished.

There are all different kind of shaks and the only type of shark that cant eat you is the whale shark , because it has no teeth but they are not harmless! . But all the other sharks are bad because they are meat eating sharks ! . So technicly you should never get too close to a shark .So the answer is sharks are bad

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so sharks and other bad animals in the sea won't hurt people.

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Really, it is neither since sharks eat humans on accident because there eye sight is so bad. However all of there other senses work perfectly well. But some sharks will eat humans if they are really hungry. But typically sharks eat humans on accident. Actually they think we taste rather disgusting.

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It is in danger for a couple of reasons. 1.It gets hooked and tangled in fishing nets and die 2.People fishing can accidentally hook them and them get wrapped in the line and die because of lack of circulatiopn 3.Many people associate sharks as evil, bad and man eaters like portrayed in Jaws. People will hunt sharks to kill them because they think they are bad 4.Also the biggest problem sharks will be killed for studies, cosmetics, soup, and medicines.

Scientists used to think all sharks were solitary hunters. But divers have filmed sharks herding together pools of fish, then attacking from all sides at once.This first video has a bad sound track (you can barely hear the voice because of the sound effects), but t has a great diagram of a tiger shark.Here's an actual film of tiger sharks during nighttime hunting:

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