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Why do people think suicide is the answer to their problems?

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2009-11-09 17:31:49

Because they feel so sad, it not being overwhelmed by your

problems, It is a mental disease, an imbalance of chemicals in your

brain. The answer below is totally wrong. People who have suicidal

thoughts and have sought treatment really know the difference. A

person with a healthy mental state can handle problems without

thoughts of suicide. The answer just below is from someone who is

just guessing at this answer. Skip to the next answer below


  • People who have committed suicide or have been thinking about

    committing suicide probably feel overwhelmed by their problems.

    They might not be able to handle that kind of pressure and feel

    that death would be the only way to escape it. Another possible

    explanation is that the person in question might have experienced

    some sort of loss and might feel that they have nothing left to

    live for and simply wish to join them. They also might have some

    kind of drug problem and not know what they are doing at the time

    or they might feel that dying is the only way to end that

    particular addiction. The last reason I can think of is that they

    might just want attention or a way to get back at someone that hurt

    them. For example, a teenager is abused in some way by his/her

    parents and thinks that if they kill themselves then the parent

    would know that it was their fault.

  • Suicide is not about problems, everyone has problems and many

    people triumph over adversity. Suicide is about PAIN and CONTROL.

    When you feel that you have no control over your pain, that the

    pain will never stop or get better, that is when suicide looks like

    a way to gain control and end the pain. Calling it depression

    diminishes the real, raw, tearing power of the pain one feels

    constantly, endlessly with no hope of it ever getting better or

    going away. It is an insanity that drags you into a black hole and

    you know that no matter what anyone says or does, you will stay in

    that black hole forever. Sometimes suicide is the bravest thing

    that one can think of to do for ones self. At that point, one is

    not thinking of those who are left behind or how those people will

    feel. The world of torture has become to insulated for those

    concerns. It equates to asking a person to take time to consider

    the consequences of what they are doing when they are already

    plunging down the cliff at 200 miles an hour.

The idea that depression is due to an imbalance is one of those

things social workers and psychologists tell each other in order to

feel important. The psychiatric association in the UK as one

example has finally dropped this nonsense. I feel that suicide is

justified in some cases ie. age, terminal disease, or hopeless

depression. Certainly anything is better than being tortured with

pills or shock "treatments".

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