Why do people think techno music is 'white'?

Black music can be characterised as having 'sycopated rhythms', also known as 'groove' and 'swing'. Techno music tends not to have syncopation, with the drum beats remaining on a mechanical pattern. House, Garage, Drum n Bass and Dubstep all make use of 'grooves', which add a soulful, funky, 'black' edge, whereas Techno is straight and mechanical. This is why Techno is 'white music'.

There are many Black techno producers and DJs, such as Juan Atkins, Derrick May and Carl Cox, but the audience is predominently white and European.


You don't see any blacks making trance. They make hip-hop or rap. I like trance and hate rap, and I'm white so there is maybe some truth in the notion that trance or "techno" as you call it is white people music


Because Techno is white music. The pioneer band Kraftwork from Germany first started playing electronic music in 1970's. From Wikipedia's section on Kraftwork we find that:

"Afrika Bambaataa's Planet Rock (1982) was a major defining hit for hip-hop and the birth of electro music, which contains elements of '"Trans-Europe Express" and "Numbers." Legal action was pursued against Bambaataa and won for the blatant use of these particular sounds and melodies without giving proper credit to the group. Since the lawsuit, proper credit is now given on the song's writing credits. Numerous artists have continued to sample and pilfer various elements from Kraftwerk's catalog."

"The influence of Kraftwerk's distinctive use of synthesizers, drum machine rhythms, and heavily effected vocals can also be heard on early Detroit techno records. Detroit techno artists Derrick May and Juan Atkins tried to replicate Kraftwerk's sound on early techno records such as Cybotron's Clear (1983), Model 500's No UFOs (1985), and Derrick May's Nude Photo (1986).

Kraftwerk was also a major influence in the genre of Chicago house Music. Keith Farley's(Farley "Jackmaster" Funk of the Hot Mix 5) recording '"Funkin With the Drums Again" pays homage to Kraftwerk's "Home Computer" and "It's More Fun to Compute," which are cult classics in Chicago's house-music history."

That is why Techno is considered "white" music. But like other forms of music it can be enjoyed by those of similar musical tastes.

Presumably, someone might say this because they notice that a significant majority of a techno music fans and DJs are white. It is also an especially popular genre in Western Europe.

The stereotypical perception that technologically advanced disciplines are created or dominated by the ruling class ethnicity is common in America and the West. The idea that Techno or it's origins would be other than "white" is a surprise to those without intimate knowledge of the music's history.


Most certainly because a vast majority of the famous members of that community are white, same as Jazz beign thought as "black" music (not intended to be offensive off course) since most of the main contributors the that area of music in the early stages and still today were coloured; though numbers have perharps paired, as if that matters from a purely musical view!!. Rock is often thought of as white music were I come from, but Jimmy Hendrix is not white and the main hamonic-melodic basis of rock come from blues and r&B, how white was that in the beginning?


Most people don't know Felix Da' Housecat. The notion that any genre of music is black/white/etc is a result of the general population of both musical contributors and listeners of that genre of music fitting a racial category and or stereotype.

Only thing Afrika Bambaataa , Derrick May and Farley did was IMPROVE what they heard from Kraftwerk.They (black men) also composed many of their own tracks which CREATED Hip Hop , House and Techno.As far as Trance who even listens to that garbage.

actually , techno music comes from house, house comes from the afro American gay community back int he 70's in Chicago. anyone ever heard real techno music?,mostly black producers and dj's. but people like to call that Detroit techno. i guess it got infused with European experimental bands like Kraftwerk. people have totally different perception of what techno is nowadays, while the real techno is actually slow in b.p.m compare to what some people think is techno usually hitting over 140 bpm.

Btw Felix da housecat is more house, not techno. but Carl Craig is afro American real tehno legend.