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It might be because so many people have watched, or even spoken with, the brave and intelligent astronauts who travelled there. Because so much is possible today in the realm of special effects, some suggest that it all could have been faked. But anyone who witnessed it all taking place would have no doubt that it did actually occur.

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Q: Why do people think that man has gone to the moon?
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Has man ever stood beyond the moon?

No, the Moon is as far as astronauts have ever gone.

Did Neil Armstrong gone to the moon?

Yes. Neil Armstrong was actually the first man on the moon.

Has any one been to the Andromeda galaxy?

No. The furthest "man" has gone is the moon.

Where should you use has gone and had gone?

u can use 'has/have gone' if that action was done at any time before now, in your entire life time, till now, no matter when u did.Ex: i have gone to Canada..means u already saw Canada nomatter when but atlast u saw it. u can use 'had gone' when u speak about an incident happend before an event that u r trying to tell. I had gone before he went, I had seen that movie before u did , I had lived there for ten years(means u r not living now) best ex: No mad had ever gone to moon before 1969 is correct.Because before 1969 nobody went there No man has ever gone to moon before 1969 is wrong. No man has ever gone to Mars is correct(as nobody went to Mars till now). Man has gone to moon is correct(as man went there by now nomatter when ). Man has gone to moon in 1969 is wrong. Man went to moon in 1969 is correct( as time specified).

How close has man kind gotten to the sun?

No people have ever gone farther away from the Earth than the Moon, so that's the closest to the Sun that any man has ever been.

You have just been watching an American programme called the moon and they stated No Russians have been into space yet but you thought Uri gegarin was the first man into space?

Uri was the first man to orbit the earth. No Russian has yet gone to the Moon. No person has yet gone beyond the moon except to orbit the Moon.

Has a person gone through a blackhole?

No. The furthest man has gone is the Moon. The closest black hole is 1,600 light years away.

Did Mr Heffernan go to the moon?

Yes, he is the only Melfort resident to have gone to the moon. A moon crater is named after him, the one that looks like the man in the moon's right eye.

Who are the first man who discovered a moon?

I think it was Neil Armstrong, or maybe he was just the first man to land on the moon.

How do they get a man on the moon?

they put people on the moon by spacecrafts. is this no a no brainer

Do you really think the man landed on the moon?

yh i think so

How many times has man been to the moon?

6 Apollo missions landed on the moon. An earlier Apollo mission (Apollo 8) had gone to the moon and orbited it, but did not land.