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Because the citric acid or ascorbic acid in lemons keep fresh cut fruits from browning from the air they are exposed to, also known as oxidizing. Limes have the same effect. There is a commercial product called fruitfresh which can be used for a substitute. See the related link for more information. This can also be used on apples, avacadoes, potato salads and any other salad that brown due to contact with air.

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Q: Why do people use lemon juice on fruit salad to keep it from browning?
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Why do you add lemon juice to a fruit salad?

to stop the fruit from browning

What else can you put on fruit from browning besides lemon juice?

Lime juice!

How do you prevent the browning of banana in a fruit salad?

Lemon juice

How does lemon juice act to prevent the browning of fruit?

Lemon juice acts to prevent the browning of fruit because it forms a layer of acid so the oxygen can't reach the fruit. This is true especially for apples.

What stops fruit from browning?

An acid fruit juice such as lemon or lime juice will stop sliced fruit such as apples and pears going brown.

Why does lemon juice stop apples from browning?

There are a couple of reasons why lemon juice stops apples from browning. This lemon juice is said to ward off decomposing bacteria.

Do you add water to lemon juice to keep fruit from browning?

You can mix lemon juice in a bowl with water and add the fruit; drain thoroughly and pat dry, if you prefer. Don't overdo the lemon juice, though, or leave the fruit standing in the bowl--that can the fruit. Or there's a product available called Fresh Fruit used in the same way.

Is Lemonade a fruit juice?

a lemonade is a frut juice because it has a lemon on it and a lemon is a fruit.

How does citric acid perserve fruits?

The acid oxidizes the fruit to preserve it and keep it from browning. Specifically lemon juice.

How does lemon juice keep an apple from browning?

the urine in the lemon juice keeps the apple ripe

How can you stop an apple for getting spoild?

If you put lemon juice (or any other citrus fruit juice) it will slow the browning process known as oxidisation.

What is the difference between lemon juice and lemon extract?

Lemon juice is made from the juice of the fruit. Lemon extract is a mixture of the lemon peel and alcohol.

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