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Newspaper is printed on special paper Called "newsprint." It is a cousin to paper towels, which weren't invented until much later. People found that newspaper cleaned glass better than a cloth rag, even if it had news ink on it. Actually, it works better than those towelettes that we have nowadays. To use newspaper for cleaning glass, use a weak solution of vinegar and water or ammonia and water. Spray the solution lightly on the glass, then wad the newspaper up and use like a paper towel. The glass will be much cleaner than you expect... and it's cheaper than window cleaner.

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Q: Why do people use newspaper to clean glass?
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How does one clean glass?

Use windex foam and instead of paper towels, use newspaper. It really works!

How does one clean the glass on a flatbed scanner?

Any little marks on it from correcting fluid should be scraped off with a piece of plastic or wood so as not to scratch the glass. Then use an ordinary window cleaner, or vinegar, with newspaper and it should come up clean.

How do you get water marks off auto glass?

The best way to clean glass is with a vinegar and water solution. A 25% vinegar solution should be more than plenty. Spray it on, if you have a spray bottle. Most dollar stores carry them. Use newspaper to clean.

What to use to clean up tv screen?

you can use windex and newspaper no strekes

Can you use newspapers to clean a window?

when i was young i had to clean the windows at home. first i washed them down with a soapy cloth and then wiped them with newspaper - the result were sparkling clean windows - so the answer is yes you can. I also use newspaper to clean greasy frying pans - works perfectly.

How do you clean a glass shower door?

I tried to use some soap water to clean the glass shower door. It works well.

Can you put newspaper in a ferrets cage?

Yes, it would be okay to use newspaper in a ferrets cage, like to put on the floor of the cage to help keep it clean or you can use newspaper for their litter areas, like potty pads. But you should'nt use newspaper for their bedding or for them to sleep on.

Maintaining Glass Dining Sets?

Glass dining sets provide beautiful decor to your home, but you should take a few precautions in the handling and maintenance of your set. Most glass dining sets work in tandem with other materials, and create interesting decorative effects. Keep the glass clean by using a window cleaner or a mixture of water and vinegar to spray. While some individuals prefer to wipe the glass clean with paper towels, others use crumpled newspaper. Wipe dry to return a clean shine to the surface.

How do you clean the glass door on a wood stove?

Use ammonia when cold

What should you use to clean glasses?

eye glass cleaning cloth

What should one use to clean a glass shower stall?

There are a number of things that can be used to clean the glass on a shower stall. It has been said that one can use dryer sheets to clean as they are known to repel water deposits. There are also Mr. Clean sponges that are made specifically for shower glass and these work amazingly well.

How do people use the newspaper?

You kcowK how to read

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