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People visit space for several reasons:

  • to study what is there and learn more about our universe
  • to travel to new places and explore them
  • to learn how to survive in space so that we can travel even further
  • because we're just curious about everything!
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Q: Why do people visit space?
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Who visits Kennedy space center?

Lots of people visit the Kennedy Space Center. Mostly thousands of people visit every year.

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How many people have been in the International Space Station?

There has been approximately 358 people to visit the International Space Station. Some of the visitors have been to the space station numerous times.

How many people visit Seattle's space needle each day?

about 1000 people every day =)

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Why don't space probes visit Pluto?

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What do you need when you visit Neptune?

A space suit and a rocket and space man food!

Who was first to visit space?

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No. Russia sent a dog named Laika into space first.

Why did NASA oppose the first space tourists visit to the the internation space station?

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