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Q: Why do people visit the Parthenon in ancient times what did they do there?
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Why do people visit the Parthenon in ancient times what did the do there?

yes, they went to worship the Greek goddess Athena

How many people visit the Parthenon each day?


How many people visit Parthenon each year?


Why do people visit the Parthenon?

people can't be bothered to go anywhere else!

How many tourists visit the Parthenon each year on average?

about 7.2 million people visit the Parthenon each year. and whats up with all the stupid partheon you people have a project and want me to do it for you? oh well. by the way im actually doing a project on the Parthenon my

How many people visit the Parthenon each year?

around 4555555555555555

How many people visit the Parthenon?

I have often said that it would be a crime against humanity to visit Greece and not go the Parthenon. It is the primary symbol of the birth of western civilization. 1.500.000 visitors per year enjoy the experience of Parthenon and the Athens Acropolis

Why did people travel in the roman ancient times?

People traveled in ancient Roman times for the same reasons that they travel today. People traveled for business, for pleasure, (the Romans were great sightseers) to visit friends and relatives and to make property purchases.

Who can visit the Parthenon?


Is there any ancient Greek acrhitecture still around?

Try looking at the Parthenon for starters - millions of people visit it at Athens every year. Here is a site:

How many people visit Nashville?

There are approximately six million people who visit Nashville, Tennessee each year. The Parthenon and The Grand Ole Opry are both popular attractions in Nashville.

Why would someone visit the Parthenon?


Would the Parthenon be a good place to visit?

Yes it is

How many people visit the remains of Ancient Rome in a year?


Why people visit hanging gardens of Babylon?

Actually, people visit the ancient city but the gardens were destroyed in the great Babylonian earthquake.

Was the Parthenon a place of worship?

Like all temples the Parthenon was a place of worship, though it may have been used more primarily by priests, while the majority would visit smaller shrines. The Parthenon is comparable to a cathedral in many ways.

Name a well-known comet whose visit was recorded in ancient times?

Haley's comet

Did alien visit ancient earth with proof?

Ancient earth? No they have not left proof, but some people claim of Anal Probes.

What ancient sites in Greece should you visit?

The Parthenon, Erectheum, Temple of Hephaestus at Athens, and Temple of Poseidon nearby at Sunion. If you can travel further afield try the temples at Delphi and Epicurus. Not much left of the temple of Zeus at Olympia.

What is a good slogan to persuade people to visit or stay in Mohenjo-Daro?

It is unclear from your question whether you are referring to Mohenjo-Daro as it was in Ancient Times or as it currently is in the present. 1) Ancient Times: Mohenjo-Daro - Indoor Plumbing, who else has it? 2) Modern Times: Come See the Font of Indian Civilization - Mohenjo-Daro.

How many times a year did the ancient Egyptian civil servants visit each farm to collect taxes?


In ancient times what were Untouchables?

In ancient times, the simple Varna system had degenerated into a rigid caste system. The high-caste Hindus developed hatred for the low-caste people, most of whom were branded as the Shudras or the Untouchables who were subjected to abject humiliation, suffering and misery. They were even not allowed to draw water from the public wells or to visit temples.

How Many People Visit NYC Each Year?

There are an estimated 47 million people that visit New York City, NY each year. People visit to go to Broadway, Times Square, and Central park.

How many people visit Mausoleum of Halicarnassus?

It's one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Take a guess.

Why should people visit the hanging gardens of the ancient Babylon?

People visit garden for a variety of d morning people go to the garden for morning walk..children visit garden for playing games....some people go for other various activities like jogging to remain physically fit,,and old people go there to pass their time..