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People are social by nature.

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Q: Why do people want close relationships?
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What kind of relationships do the Chinese have?

Chinese poeple seem to be close to one another. they have close relationships and they last a long time. all types of relationships of chinese people are good!

Why people have problems in maintaining close relationships?

Answer They may have trust issues from past relationships where they trusted someone and that person let them down or hurt them. I think some people don't even know how to have a close relationship. If a person grew up without having closeness in their family or seeing those kind of relationships they don't know how to have a close relationship even if they may want to. Some people are just loners.

Is conflict most likely to develop among people in close relationships?

Yes, conflict is most likely to develop among people in close relationships due to their personality differences. This is what is known as sociology.

Do gays want the same thing as straight people in when it comes to relationships?

Yes, all people tend to want the same basic things when it comes to relationships, such as love, security, happiness, etc. But not all people (gay or straight) want relationships.

How many people do you have a personal relationship in a lifetime?

You can't define how many people a person has a personal relationship by a number. It depends on the person. Some people will only have very few close relationships while others will make many close personal relationships throughout a lifetime.

How close should people be to God?

As close or as far removed as they want.

Why are relationships so necessary?

because people want to show ther love

What sociologist pointed out that conflict was most likely to develop among people who are in close relationships?

Lewis Coser

Who is the sociologist who pointed out that conflict is most likely to develop among people in close relationships?

Lewis Coser

What is better family or best friends?

That certainly depends on your individual situation. Many people have very close families and love each other and have positive relationships. Other people may have poor relationships with their family but have very close friends. There is no one right answer.

Why do you need a work-life balance?

People need to balance their work and their life because if someone is a workaholic they tend to neglect their relationships with family,friends etc. there needs to be a medium to where you can work and achieve what you want but also have time for people close to you.

What do twenty two year old women want in relationships?

they want a nice relationships

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