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People want designer clothes because they think that anything with a label, must look good on them, which is not actually true. Also, since designer clothes are much more expensive, wearing them brings them at par with the higher upper class of the society.

could match your personality and give it an enhanced look

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Q: Why do people want designer clothes?
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What is the role of a fashion designer?

it is to design clothes so many people would want it

What clothes do you wear if you want to look like a fashion designer?

Clothes that you have designed yourself.

What is the meaning of designer clothes?

designer clothes

Does Kohl's carry designer clothes?

You can easily find discounted designer clothes on line. Simply type in keywords such as discounted teenage designer clothes. You might also want to include where you live so you will see stores in your area.

How many people like designer clothes?

There are many people out there who like designer clothes and follow fashion closely. It is not a cheap hobby/interest, though you can buy fairly accurate knockoffs of designer labels these days.

What percent of people buy designer brand clothes over generic clothes?


Why do you want to be a fashion designer?

I want to be a fashion designer because the clothing will be worn by millions of people and will make you rich and famous. How cool would it be to wear clothes that you made knowing that millions across the world are wearing the same thing as you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Imagine fashion designer mini skirt challenge does anyone know the clothes?

I want to see answer for Imagine Fashion Designer

Does a fashion designer design bags?

A fashion designer can design bags if they want to. They can also design shoes, accessories and clothes.

Why do models do the catwalk?

Models are needed on the catwalk in order to showcase the latest clothes and accessories made by designers. Fashion shows are important for giving exposure to the designer and their clothes and to find interest in people that want to buy the clothes.

What is designer clothes?

Designer clothes are clothes with known designers and better cuts that make your body appear nicer. Although often some designer clothes are only expensive because of the brand.

Why are high-street clothes better than designer clothes?

Not as dear as designer clothes so you can save more money and add more things to high-street clothes. Designer clothes are way too expensive

Why do people want designer babies?

Why do you want to now

What age can girls wear designer clothes?

Designer clothes are available for all ages.

How do the yurok people dress?

They wore tight pants and designer clothes

Why buy designer clothes?

To impress people that you don't even like.

On girlsense how do you buy designer clothes?

Go to a designer boutique and then click on shop here now you are able to buy the designer clothes

Why Would You Want To Be A Fashion Designer?

Someone might want to become one so that they could express themselves through the clothes that design. That or they are really creative and don't want to do art, they want to design clothes.

You want to open your store with famous designers clothes where you can find the clothes?

buy the clothes or ask some to make them. make them urself or ask a designer. get their email or num

What does a fashion designer do -?

A fashion designer designs clothes

Do designer wear other designer clothes?


Who sells designer clothes near me?

As I don't know where you are located, and both sell designer clothes online, and will deliver to your house. A local mall is a good place to find designer clothes. There are also multiple designer clothes retail stores in every city.

What companies specialize in producing children's designer clothes?

The made in China website specializes in producing children's designer clothes. They have different designer clothes for boys and girls. Visit their website for more information.

Would more people like to be a princess or a fashion designer?

Well people who want to be a fashion designer will probably want to be a princess and vice versa. So the same amount of people

What do wealthy people wear?

clothes of course. the wealthy people are not different from all other people around the world. the only difference might be that the wealthy people wear designer clothes for instance.