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People watch Ballet for many different reasons. I love to watch it because I'm a ballerina and I enjoy seeing what I can improve upon. Some people watch it because it's like a play, except it takes more concentration to understand because there are no words; you must decipher the story by the music and the movement of the dancers. It's always been a fun activity for "civilized society", but sadly its lost popularity over the years. Hope I answered your question! Go see a ballet or something!

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Where can one watch videos of the nutcracker ballet?

People can watch videos of the nutcracker ballet online on YouTube or the Guardian news papers online review page. People could also get tickets to auditorium viewing.

Where can you go to watch ballet?

American ballet theatre and more just look up ballet tickets in your area

Is the movie ballet shoes starring Emma Watson a good movie to watch?

it is a good movie to watch for those people who love drama

Who performed ballet?

the people who do ballet perform it.

How do you know if your friend is lying about doing ballet and ice skating?

Take them ice skating or watch them do ballet.

Can you teach pig ballet?

yes it's easy look it up on youtube watch me teach my pig ballet

How many people do ballet?

anyone who likes to do ballet

Is ballet just for rich people?

Anyone can do or enjoy ballet, not just rich people.

Where can you watch for free the ballet fancy free?


How has ballet affected society?

Ballet is a performing art. It's very nice to watch and an enjoyable way to express your feelings.

Who would watch ballet?

It's not for everyone but some people enjoy it very much and some people hate it. You have to be able to accept classical music and fine arts.

What is ballet used for today?

Ballet is still popular. Many people still do ballet, and others enjoy watching.

What is the average percent of people injured in ballet?

60% Most of Ballet people get hurt and it could be serious.

Where can you watch for free the ballet version of Sleeping Beauty?

If you go to and search "Sleeping Beauty ballet" you will get many clips of different scenes...

How many people dance ballet?

thousands alot of people like ballet because it is physical but also artistic

Diffences between 20th century ballet and classical ballet?

20th century ballet is more modern than the typical plie, tondue, arabesk. It has awkward movements and turned in feet with arms out of typical position. The best way to put it is "Breaking Boundaries" a more contemporary dance than classical ballet. Contemporary ballet, you should watch it to understand more :) here's a link --->

Why do people hate ballet?

Well, people (not myself) hate ballet because apparently it is boring. I previously did ballet and am going to continue later on this year, and trust me when your the one up there, it is far from boring. Ballet is freaking hard! Crazy people.ANS2:It makes my feet hurt.

Who usually does ballet dance?

Anyone can do ballet but it is the people who have a love or passion for ballet and are willing to work hard that become the best dancers.

Why people do Ballet dance?

Ballet is a lot of serious work {ecspecially if you have a strict teacher} but ballet is also a lot of fun too.

What is ballet designed to do?

Ballet is designed to take an audience away from reality, even if its for a few hours. Story Ballet does what it say, portrays a story threw music and movements. And there are ballets choreographed merely to watch and be amazed by.

When do they perform ballet?

well it depends on the ballet their are a lot of shows such like the nutcracker and taming of the shrew and much more you should Google the ballet companies you want to watch preform and look at their show dates.hopes this helped :)

Who made ballet dance?

No one knows who made ballet. All people know are tales about who created ballet. All that most people know is that it was invented a long time ago.

How popular is ballet?

AnswerReally popular actually in my ballet class there's about 20 people I have loads of people in my ballet class. And there are even more in the little people class!!Ballet is an excellent sport that everone can enjoy, so if you want to try, just find a good, local school.

What does ballet means?

Ballet is a classical form of dance that was first danced in the 16th century. It is beautiful to watch, try watching the prix de lausanne on youtube.

How many people in the world do Ballet?

2,578,435,190.5 people