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To prevent pregnancies and to protect against sexually transmitted diseases.

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How do flavored condoms feel?

Flavored condoms feel just like regular condoms for most people. Some people find the additional chemicals on the condoms to be irritating to genital tissues.

Are rainbow colored condoms for gay people?

Anyone can use rainbow colored condoms.

How can you help people by aids?


Why are people scared of using condoms?


What are primary dealers?

people who sell you condoms

Can people with foreskin use condoms?


Can a 12 year old purchase condoms?

At 12 you're too young to legally have sex, which is what condoms are for. People might not want to sell condoms to someone underage because of that. However, there is no legal age you must be to buy condoms.

Do they make non latex condoms?

Yes, They alo make Lamb Skin Condoms for the people that are alleric to the latex ones.

Why do they make novelty condoms?

because people get kinky.

Do gay people need condoms?

They do if they don't ant to get an STD.

Do gay people wear condoms?

Some do, some don't.

Where do people get condoms?

Condoms can be bought at grocery stores like Jewel-Osco, Walgreens, Wal-mart, etc. Go get em' tiger!! :-)

What is flavored condoms?

condoms that taste like what they are. There's cherry condoms, and such.

How effective are non-spermicide condoms at preventing pregnancy?

They work great. People relied on them for many years. The spermicide condoms are fairly new.

What are the best condoms-?

The best condoms are the Crown Skinless Skin Condoms. Coming in second are the Durex Extra Sensitive Condoms.

Can girls use condoms?

yes girls can use condoms. they have female condoms

What is the main reason for AIDS in the world?

people don't use condoms

Why do condoms come in colors?

Because people wanna taste the rainbow. ;)

Why is the recession not good for the secondary sector?

because people need condoms

What did king David provide for the Jewish people that they did not have?

David provided condoms.

How did Vincent Lecavalier help people in communities?

He started wearing condoms.

Does wearing 4 condoms protect you?

Many people who engage in particularly risky types of sexual activity wear 2 condoms at once, but that is the most that you would ever want to wear. I do not believe that you would be significantly safer with 4 condoms than you are with 2. If 2 condoms are not enough for you, I can recommend different sexual techniques that don't even require condoms. Try frottage.

What did the pope say about condoms?

Recently the Pope has expressed his views on condoms. He has said that in some instances it may be appropriate for people to use them to stop the spread of HIV.Pope Benedict XVI agrees that condoms can be justified to stop the spread of AIDS.

What are the most recommended condoms?

The most recommended condoms, or the safest condoms to use, are Trojan-Enz Spermicidal Condoms. It should be a blue box.

How do you buy condoms discreetly?

Pharmacists are very well aware of a percentage of the public being embarrassed about purchasing condoms so they will treat the customer discreetly. Other drug stores have the condoms on the shelf right out in open where you can choose your own and then just pay the pharmacist. It is extremely common for the wise people to buy condoms to protect themselves against sexually transmitted diseases so realize that thousands of people buy condoms every day and you are not the first nor will you be the last to buy them.

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